Backing [Ian] Blair

Some things just have to be done, don’t they…

Full size image here…

Oh, must just say, feel free to use the images from this post as you like.

Oh, and then there’s this, courtesy of Neil from B3TA…

And one more of my own – it’s subtle so look closely…

  • Gregg

    Nice. Have you let Tim know?

  • Unity

    Not yet… will do a bit later on.

  • That’s just too damned funny.

  • Tim

    What is Ian Blair’s email. I just have to show my outrage to his comments and attitude. “just another death out of 57 ” when talking of his police’ execution of that poor innocent man.

  • I hope poor Ian does not resign . . what am I going to do with my web site if he does? . . . Its IRONY. . .
    You could also visit my other police sites “The sites that give you the non Bovine Solid Excrement (BSE) they would have you believe” . . . and the most scathing . . . . Colin

  • andy
  • Andy