Lest we forget…

Thw utterly dumb suggestion that we drop Holocaust Memorial Day out of deference to Muslim sensibilities – apparently its ‘offensive to Muslims’, give the impression that “western lives have more value than non-western lives

  • Very good points. The amount of coverage the holocoust already recieves is unreal…. yet they want more.. they want it all! it is not only Jews that have been massacred…. and have the Jews not massacred others?

    People do like to be choosy of these issues, and it appears its more “important” if it occurs in the west”. Take the recent Hurricane for example… the vast amount of other tradegies in non-western parts of the world in the same week were laregly ignored!


  • Perhaps we could really set the cat amongst the genocidal pigeons, and suggest that Genocide Day also commemorate the various Aboriginal peoples of the world that have a tendancy to get wiped out when they get in the way. Of course, that’d also include not only Australian aborigines, but also those pesky American tribes that keep campaigning to get their land back…

  • Norm has posted some plausible reasons why the Holocaust (including, but not limited to Jews) could deserve special recognition, that don’t require people to be ignorant of past massacres:


    Jamal, of course, has his own agenda, but I’ll leave it for others to label him an anti-Semite.