I’m probably going to get sued for this, but…

…it has to be done.

  • I’m thick, what’s it s’posed to be? Incidentally, if I request .cn I get redirected back to .co.uk. Doesn’t seem to happen for any other suffix I try.

  • Unity

    .CN is the tld for China.

  • My own effort referenced Tiannamen Square:

  • .CN is the tld for China.

    I knew that, but I thought there might be some significance to the white things, the headphones, and the lack of Chinese characters. Perhaps Google’s usual logo artist refused to cooperate on this one.

  • Unity

    You’re just not with it today are you B4L.

    The ‘white things’ are a blindfold and a gag, which puts the ‘heaphones’ into its proper context.

  • Aha!

    I’ll avoid operating any heavy machinery for the rest of the day…

  • Ooooh – and even if google don’t, I’ll bet inkycircus will be wanting a pound of flesh…