Nothing like a good grovel

Iain Dale reports from the Spectator’s Parliamentarian of the Year awards that the winner in the category for members of the House of Lords was…

Baroness Thatcher.

This being the same Baroness Thatcher whose record as a peer over the last year, according to They Work For You, runs to having made no speeches in the House, receiving no answers to written questions (so no written questions either) and turning up for a matter of 22% of all votes, but only from the look of things when the Tories have got the Whips out in force and are looking for a good showing.

One has to ask… does she actually show up at the House, or have the Tory Whips just been nipping round to Tussauds and borrowing a waxwork when they need the extra vote?

And I wonder how many of the 34 people who’re tracking Thatcher’s speeches in the House via They Work For You, have died of boredom yet?

  • I figure its the waxwork…


  • David Worth

    A bunch of old fogeys decide to give an award to an 82 year old woman out of a sense of affection for her past achievements. Yeah, really difficult political target. Kudos to you, I’m sure your parents are really proud.

  • Well, Parliamentarian of the Year suggest someone who had either worked really hard, achieved a lot or made a big difference to things, or something along those lines in the last year.
    If they wanted to give Mrs T an award for what she did in the past, the surely a lifetime achievement award could’ve been made up.

  • emily

    I have trouble imagining some eager young thing was in there who was robbed or his/her rightful award,.

  • douglas clark

    Did they not actually put up a statue or something to her? Although, emily does have a good, albeit cynical point.