I want my… I want my Crackberry

MPs ‘should get free Blackberrys’

A Labour MP has called for handheld Blackberry computers to be made available – for free – to herself and everyone else with a Commons seat.

Sharon Hodgson, like all other MPs, can borrow a personal digital assistant (PDA) from Parliament’s IT department.

But the gadgets loaned were “not in the same league” as a Blackberry, she said.

On the money you’re on as an MP, you can buy your own fucking phone, thank you very much.

Coming next week – the iPhone Strikes back…

  • If they can already get a free pda what’s the big deal with the IT department upgrading to use Blackberries? Would it really cost that much more?

  • Will

    Pearls before swine?

  • SocialistOutcast

    She can have one when the govt pays for the rest of us to have all the toys we want.

  • Leon:

    Yes – the phones are pricey enough, but when you factor in the costs of the server and applications necessary to make it useful, then it gets real expensive.

  • then is gets real expensive… in bulk.


    Totally agree with this perfectly reasonable statement:

    “On the money you

  • Don’t even have to buy one. Just go to a ‘phone shop and sign a contract to get one free. Claim the contract from the taxpayer. Has Shags got a new seat to go to yet?

  • Newmania

    I don’t agree with all this false puritanism with MP`s paid the little they are you only get the rich and those who slime up through local Government and the Unions. Ordinary people who needa job cannot apply and this accounts for many of the warps in our political life

    IM(not very)HO

  • Newmania
    > I don