Arthur C Clarke

Overhead, without any fuss, the stars were going out.

The Nine Billion Names of God – Arthur C Clarke, b. 16 December 1917 d. 19 March 2008

Update – I’ve added a copy the full story to MoT… enjoy.

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  • RIP

  • That’s long been one of my favourites. They build the supercomputer to process all the names of God, don’t they? And when they finally have crunched them all, and there are no more divine mysteries to be revealed, God is done with his little experiment and begins to wrap it up…

    A great man.

  • Yes, that the story.

    Clarke, like almost all the truly great SF writers, was at his very best in his short fiction and ‘Nine Billion Names’ is one of the best of his best.

  • Arthur C. Clarke’s short stories were always a joy to read and indeed re-read.

  • markc

    Arthur C Clarke was a truly admirable man. One of my (few) heroes. And a brilliant story-teller.