One Flew Over The Hemming’s Nest

Before getting into this I should explain that this particular article was to have been on the subject of the so-called ‘forced caesarian section’ case, which has of course been one of the more prominent news stories of the last few days, and the article was to have […]

John Hemming and Vicky Haigh

In April this year I took a bit of risk and published a limited amount of information about an ongoing legal matter, a rather unpleasant child custody case, despite being aware that some of the information I posted was likely to have been covered by reporting restrictions and […]

The Hemming Agenda

There was time, not so very long ago, when a dreadful spectre stalked the land striking terror into the hearts of new mothers… …the District Nurse. [Da Da Daaaaaaah] Talk to women of my mother’s generation and the impression that quickly forms is The District Nurse came in […]

Hemming: An Abuse of Privilege

Yesterday, John Hemming hid behind parliamentary privilege in order to name an individual who had recently (and allegedly) been hauled before the courts after disclosing information about a court case in which they were personally involved during a meeting conducted, in private, in the House of Commons. Here’s […]

Sympathy for the Devil? The Daily Mail and Vicky Haigh

A couple of days ago I received an email from Carl Gardner, who blogs at Head of Legal, in which he asked whether I had been contacted by Liz Watson and asked to remove from the Ministry all reference to her and to her involvement in the case […]

They Steal Babies Don’t They?

As you might expect, poking a stick at John Hemming and his pet conspiracy theories about baby-stealing social workers has drawn the conspiraloons out in force and, as usual, the arguments they have to offer are none the more convincing for their continual repetition. Still, and somewhat unusually, […]

Rounding Up The Peasants

There are many things in life that piss me off and that, in some respects, is a good thing because things that piss me off are a constant source of inspiration for things to write about on this blog. I will freely admit to having many pet hates […]

A case too serious to joke about…

On most occasions, an appearance by John Hemming MP in a court of law is worth watching for its entertainment value alone, but on this occasion I’m inclined to agree with PoliticalHack that: “This case is too serious to joke about.” It is. Hemming ‘contribution’ to a hearing […]

Bucking the National Trend in Sandwell…

Local elections are funny things at the best of times and while we wait for the results of those councils who delayed their count to today to see if the picture that emerged overnight holds true – No Labour meltdown, Tories hit the ‘magic’ 40% without making a […]

A tale of one city…

Mmm… I’m not normally one for taking too conspiratorial a line on things, especially when that leads me to veer in the direction of something suggested by John Hemming, but in this case I’ll make something of a minor exception. Only yesterday, John Hemming responded to the arrest […]