Sandwell remembers…

Via Bob Piper comes the news that at tonight’s full meeting of Sandwell Council, local councillors of all parties – but for the three BNP members present- voted to officially commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day in Sandwell, each year. Well done, especially to Cllr Mick Davies, Bob and Tom […]

People like you… being lied to by the BNP.

In my last post, I mentioned that Simon Smith, aka Cap’n Freedom – see the link in the last post to a selection of insane rambling on Stormfront – was interviewed the other day by the BBC – and here’s the interview, during which he made the following […]

The Daily Scumbag

I’ve not done much local stuff for a while but with local elections in the offing there are a few bits and pieces that are worth picking up. We’ll start with BNP Councillor for Great Bridge, Simon Smith, who on last night’s news stated: “Oh I’m no apologist […]

Criminalising the victim…

It’s Tony Blair’s favourite trope when it comes to the subject of law, order and criminal justice; the suggestion that what is needed to modernise Britain’s approach to criminal justice are measures that ‘rebalance’ the system in favour of the presumed ‘rights of victims’. But I wonder, on […]

A Parliamentary rarity to look for

Friday is easily the dullest day of the Parliamentary week. The House is usually half empty, with many MPs using the day to travel back to their constituencies and the legislative programme, such as it is, is generally confined to secondary legislation and private members’ bills, few of […]

Coming soon – The Book Burning Act 2007.

The BBC are reporting that that European Interior Ministers have agreed the appalling framework document on racism and xenophobia, aka The Book Burning Act 2007.

Dort, wo man Bücher verbrennt, verbrennt man auch am Ende Menschen.

Your starter for ten, this morning, is to read this over at Devil’s Kitchen, and then this article from the Financial Times. Yes, you are reading that correctly. DK was right on the money when he picked this up a couple of months back and the European Union […]

Backing Boles?

Iain Dale is little short of incredulous at the suggestion that the Tories might attempt to put up Greg Dyke against Ken Livingstone as a joint Tory/Lib Dem candidate for Mayor of London. No real surprise in that, although what more interest is what appears to be something […]

Gone Postal

As someone who , a while back, spent a considerable amount of time debating on US political forums, I would reasonably consider myself something of a veteran – by British standards – when it comes to the question of gun control and the 2nd Amendment to US Constitution. […]

A rich vein of ignorance…

Every so often, as a Labour Party member, you come across a Tory who is an absolute godsend – if you’ll excuse the use of religious allusion by a confirmed atheist. Back in the Thatcher days you were spoiled for choice although no one ever quite came close […]