I’m Spartacus

This is, quite frankly, staggering: Via the UK Daily Pundit (who, oddly, seems to approve of this) I see that Owen Barder has been attacked in The Daily Mail . You might note that Owen’s blog is now down, which is probably sensible given the shit-storm that is […]

Dale the Expert Economist.

You have give Iain Dale a bit of credit – whatever Frank Field can do, Iain can not only match it but top it for asinine political stupidity. Its only a matter of three days since I comprehensive picked apart Frank Field’s claim that the government’s New Deal […]

Freedom From Accountability Bill – Back Today.

Thought I’d give everyone a timely reminder that ex-Tory whip David MacLean’s shameful attempt to exempt parliament from the Freedom of Information Act returns to the House of Commons today, and requires another solid filibustering performance from opponents to talk the bill out. Couple of quick points to […]

Memory Lapse

Is it just me, or does Iain Dale’s memory appear to be going? In 1973 I failed my eleven plus. I failed it because I wasn’t even told I was taking it. We had taken so many government tests that year that we all decided not to take […]

Lammy to the slaughter.

David Lammy? Seems nice enough. Bit nondescript. Has even had his picture taken with Barack Obama… Has now made a complete arse of himself (via Tom Watson) Lammy calls for Ethnic Minority Shortlists In a remarkably frank interview in today’s New Nation newspaper, David Lammy MP (pictured with […]

Hello PR? Goodbye Liberal Democrats… for good.

It is maxim of debates surrounding electoral systems that first past the post elections naturally produce a two-party system while proportional representation produces naturally leads to multi-party democracy. This is true, but only within defined limits, and those limits explain why the single biggest barrier to the introduction […]

Dale’s Jewish Problem

Iain Dale doesn’t appear to be keen on Borat… I have thought long and hard about whether to admit this or not, but I wasted 80 minutes of my life (not to mention £12.99) on watching the DVD of BORAT. I like to think I have a reasonably […]


I’ll keep the preamble short and to the point. Here’s Frank Field trailing a report he’s written for ‘Reform’ which claims that New Deal isn’t working and needs urgent reform… And what you’ll see below, explains why his report is a load of rubbish that’s based on badly […]

Send for Lemsip…

I suppose it was inevitable: MP demands Eurovision vote change The Eurovision Song Contest voting system needs to be changed because it is “harmful to the relationship between the peoples of Europe”, an MP has said. Countries voted for their neighbours rather than the best songs, Liberal Democrat […]

Dull Day in Barack Rock

Another day. Another hack. Another thinly veiled allusion to the internet as the root of all evil… Obama’s white noise – Gary Younge The internet seems a fulcrum for hatred of black people: not just for what they say, but for the fact that they have a voice […]