Just a small observation…

David Cameron on the Chindamo case as quoted in the Guardian: The Conservative leader, David Cameron, called for the Human Rights Act, introduced into British law in 1998, to be repealed, saying the tribunal’s decision “flies in the face of common sense”. “It is a shining example of […]

It’s only real if I say so…

Planet Cameron is, by all accounts, a rather curious place… Cameron stands by NHS cut claim David Cameron is standing by claims 29 district hospitals are facing cuts to emergency and maternity services. The Tory leader admitted one hospital, in north-west England, had been wrongly named by him […]

Justice is blind, not a voyeur.

Getting quickly back on to theme of deliberate misreporting – and of the current tabloid hot ticket, ‘feral youth’ – we find the Daily Mail in full spittle-flecked fury mode over the ruling by an Immigration and Asylum Tribunal that Learco Chindamo cannot be deported on his release […]

Dispelling the truth with a tempest of words

First things first. It is most remiss of me not to have acknowledged James Higham’s laudatory remarks in the latest of his regular Saturday blogfocus commentaries: One year this blog has been going and how many blogs have we seen falling by the wayside in that time, coming […]

Get em’ while they’re hot…

Things are moving on apace with the ‘We Can’t Turn Them Away” blog campaign in support of Iraqis working for UK Forces who now find themselves under threat of torture and/or murder by local militias and death squads. As you may have seen, the campaign is attracting widespread […]

Government to face 7/7 legal challenge…

This just in, and reproduced verbatim:  LEGAL CHALLENGE TO GOVERNMENT AS PRESSURE GROWS FOR INDEPENDENT 7/7 INQUIRY Survivors and relatives of the people killed in the July 7 th London bomb attacks have warned the Government that they will seek a Judicial Review into its continued refusal to […]

PodsandBlogs 14 Aug 07: Iraqi Workers Seeking Asylum

Radio Five Live’s ‘Pods and Blogs‘ show has been kind enough to pick up on and feature the ongoing blog campaign in support of those Iraqi employees who’ve worked for, and are still working for, UK forces and who now find themselves under threat from local militias and […]

Two plus two makes…?

Time to get back in the saddle with another episode of the Dale ‘n Dizzy show: Labour caught out on the internet again? Remember the last time Labour MPs had to apologise for making dodgy videos? No? Well I bet Tom Watson and Sion Simon so. Well, Dizzy […]