Too Taxing for the Daily Mail

According to the Daily Mail, the ‘real’ North-South divide in Britain is not about income or opportunity; it’s about how much Council Tax you pay: Council tax has risen up to three times faster in the South than in the northern towns of Labour’s heartlands, figures show. In […]

‘Pro-choice Violence’: An Overview

I’ve taken one well deserved shot at Nadine Dorries today, and now I’m back for more. If you’ve read me last post then you’ll have noted that Dorries made this comment in an effort to suggest that the doctor who exposed the ‘hand of hope’ hoax had somehow […]


On Monday, Bookdrunk posed the question: nadine dorries: ignorant or lying (part 92) Today, in the wake of Dorries reviving a long debunked hoax, we get this: Hand of Truth I’ve had an amazing response to the ‘Hand of Hope’ blog posted yesterday. Of course, the pro-abortionist lobby […]

‘Ware the L33t Hax0rz – Boo

It seems that the publication of the government’s new national security strategy is likely to spawn a wealth of depressingly stupid commentary on the subject of ‘cybercrime’ if early reactions are anything to go by. Take the Telegraph, a newspaper with previous form for running planted stories on […]

Hague’s Air Miles

Let’s start with a bit of a history lesson. Back at the end of last October, I, like a few other bloggers, started to do a little digging around after a Bermuda registered company called Flying Lion Limited, which operates out of Boca Raton, Florida and whose main […]

Arthur C Clarke

Overhead, without any fuss, the stars were going out. The Nine Billion Names of God – Arthur C Clarke, b. 16 December 1917 d. 19 March 2008 Update – I’ve added a copy the full story to MoT… enjoy.

Nothing to see here…

It not often you come across a gilt-edged opportunity to reflect on a too often unregarded aspect of the ‘black art’ of political spin – the one that holds that its not just what you say that’s important but also what you don’t say. Let’s wind back in […]

A little something to get you in the mood…

…for today’s festivities. [youtube][/youtube] via

What’s Up Astroturfer?

I don’t know how many times I’ve had to remind Tories that whining only makes it worse but there are some who seem unable to get the message. Only the other day I ripped on one of George Osborne’s bag carriers, a guy called Rohan Silva, who’s rather […]

Pants on fire

Nadine Dorries is at it again: The ability for a baby to live when born before 24 weeks depends very much upon where it is born. If the baby enters the world in a good hospital, which has a neo natal unit, and a team of trained dedicated […]