Why pro-choice must mean pro-science

Over the years, I written quite a few articles on abortion, more perhaps that most British-based male bloggers and as as result – and without ever intending to – I guess I’ve become something of a lay expert on the subject, particularly in regards to scientific evidence base […]

Won’t you fuck off, Reg Bailey

As most people should be aware, the Bailey Review into the ‘commercialisation and sexualisation of childhood’ was published today under the title ‘Letting Children Be Children‘ and it’s already spawned a few notable commentaries. If the review interests you at all then I’d suggest you start with Dr […]

Homeopathic research – a complete waste of time?

As regular visitors will know, Early Day Motions are the nearest thing that Parliament has to a parish noticeboard, and like the contents of most such noticeboards EDMs are, for the most part, dull and rather mundane but occasionally useful for identifying the House of Commons’ resident idiots, […]

Heaven and the Burden of Evidence

Stephen Hawking, great man that he is, seems to have upset a few people with his observations on the non-existence of heaven: “I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail. There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that […]

Bad Science at the Council of Europe

I’m tied up with other stuff this morning, so this is going to be a bit of drive-by by my usual standards… The Sunday Telegraph has a front page report which claims that a Council of Europe committee are planning to recommend a ban on mobile phones and […]

Homeopathy in the BMJ: A response to Clare Stanford

My attention has been drawn, this morning, to a thoroughly absurd attempt to defend the provision of homeopathy on the NHS by a Dr Clare Stanford, a reader in experimental psychopharmacology at the Department of Neuroscience, Physiology, and Pharmacology, University College London. The text that follows comes from […]

Must We Fear Nadine Dorries?

Over the last few years I’ve written quite a lot on the subject of teenage pregnancy, abortion and related issues, much of which has been prompted by the dull-witted and willful ignorance of a single MP – Nadine Dorries, of course. If there’s one pertinent observation that crops […]

Dorries’ Abstinence Speech – The Fact Check

Looking back over the speech given by Nadine Dorries when introducing her ridiculous 10 minute rule bill, there are several factual innaccuracies to be added to list I started the other day. Take, for example, Dorries’ claims about the opinions of Dame Joan Bakewell… I am sure that […]

Science education: Stop messing around!

I am unashamedly passionate about science. More than that, I’m unashamedly passionate about science education, so although I don’t generally tend to dabble in the field of devolved politics I was delighted to find that the Campaign for Science and Engineering in the UK(CaSE) has published an analysis […]

Colemanballs – a study in bad abortion science

Priscilla K Coleman, Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at Bowling Green State University, Ohio, has, over the last few years, been the most prolific author of studies which purport to show a link between elective, induced abortion and subsequent mental health problems in women. Pubmed currently […]