A pledge worth taking

“I will agree to take a DWP Incapacity Benefit lie detector test but only if 10 members of the Cabinet including Blair and Blunkett will do the same at a televised event.” Go on – you know it makes sense via Chicken Yoghurt.

Everything I know about people I learned from pens

Not given much of a mention to Justin over at Chicken Yoghurt of late, which is most remiss of me as he is consitently one of the best bloggers on the UK scene. To redress matters, therefore, I should point you all in the direction of this piece […]

Bunce for the Beeb

“The BBC wants to increase the licence fee by 2.3% above inflation to boost its programmes and digital services” – says, not unsurprisingly, BBC Online before swimming headlong into the waters of disingenuity by adding: “If the government accepts the BBC’s proposal, the fee would rise by £3.14 […]

Polly Pot needs a holiday – urgently

How else can one account for an article in today’s Grauniad in which Polly Toynbee starts out by castigating the Tories: First remember those toxic Tory posters. “It’s not racist to want to control immigration” was, in true BNP style, plastered across areas with large ethnic minorities. Recall […]

Going Straight

To date the Tory leadership hustings, erm I mean conference, has drawn few comments from the Labour end of blogosphere. Tom Watson has got around to admitting that things are getting interesting – no surprise there, Tom’s the kind of MP who enjoys the cut and thrust of […]

Clever Trevor

Once again it seems we’re all required to go through yet another phase of soul-searching and navel-gazing about matters of race, ethnicity and ‘Britishness’ for reasons which, as ever, are not entirely clear. Trevor Phillips, as you might expect, is leading the charge as usual, arguing this time […]

Pure Genius…

This is so good that I just had to pull it out of the comments into a post of its own. A couple of posts back I cracked a modest little gag based on the idea of a children’s book called ‘The [Schrodinger’s] Cat in the Hat’s Big […]

Second star to the left…

…and straight on to the accountancy class. If yet more evidence were ever needed that the 650 or so inhabitants of ‘Westminster Village’ have lost touch with the real world, an article in today’s Observer notes the view of the Associate Parliamentary Skills Group and National Skills Forum […]

Institutionalised arrogance

Curious Hamster has already done a first rate job of picking apart Sir Ian Blair’s failed efforts, in a letter to Sir John Gieve[pdf], to scotch any prospect of an independent investigation by the IPCC into the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes, however in reading the letter […]

No Shit Sherlock

“Maybe we should have discussed it but I think some things we keep secret about because if people know exactly what we are doing they can take action to stop it…” So said former Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir John Stevens, about the introduction of the ‘shoot-to-kill’ policy in […]