The hidden agenda behind Dorries’ ‘Right to Know’ campaign

Exclusive… A document obtained yesterday by the Ministry of Truth exposes the full but hitherto hidden agenda behind Nadine Dorries’ ‘Right to know’ campaign, which has recently put forward two abortion-related amendments to the Government’s Health and Social Care Bill. The document, a Powerpoint presentation produced by Dr […]

Bring back the coathanger!

If i remember correctly then it not really so long ago that I gave the Indy’s health editor, Jeremy Laurance, a bit of a going over… ah yes, here it is, he was defending David Southall at the time and used a few spectacularly poor arguments. Ah well, […]

You Shall Not Bear False Witness

As this recent missive from Nadine Dorries, the MP for Mid-Narnia, has gone rather unnoticed, despite its unremitting stupidity, then I guess it fall to me to pick it to pieces. New figures will be officially released next week which will claim that there is no need to […]

Hacktitioner Alert #1

Sarah-Kate Templeton, late of the Sunday Herald and current the Health Editor at the Times is, so I understand, an award-winning health journalist… …not that that seems to mean very much on the evidence of her coverage of the revised guidance issued by the Royal College of Psychiatrists […]

The Anti-Abortion Lobby’s Sham Parliamentary Inquiry

Britain’s small, thoroughly unrepresentative and unremittingly dishonest anti-abortion lobby has found a brand new toy to play with – the sham ‘Parliamentary inquiry’. We’ve seen one of these already, Claire Perry’s so-called ‘independent Parliamentary inquiry into online child protection’, which at least had the courtesy use the word […]

10 questions and an idiot

Over at the Journal of Medical Ethics blog, Iain Brassington has picked up on what he describes as ‘slightly peculiar’ post by Peter Saunders in which he poses ten questions that the media doesn’t – allegedly – ask about abortion. Iain’s posted his own answers here, and just […]

Are 98% of UK abortions illegal?

I dealt with the absurd proposition that the findings of the RCPsych/NCCMH review of abortion and mental health demonstrates that 98% of abortions carried out in the UK are, in fact, illegal within the provision of the Abortion Act 1967 in my last monster post on the subject […]

Why pro-choice must mean pro-science

Over the years, I written quite a few articles on abortion, more perhaps that most British-based male bloggers and as as result – and without ever intending to – I guess I’ve become something of a lay expert on the subject, particularly in regards to scientific evidence base […]

Doing Dorries a Disservice

As might be expected, Tom Chivers’ post on Nadine Dorries’ ‘Right to Know’ campaign has drawn a response from Dorries, even if she is merely intemperately parroting the comments of Dr. Peter Saunders of the Christian Medical Fellowship: Tom Chivers has done the Daily Telegraph a disservice which […]