I’d forgotten about these bastards

Of all the soulless enterprises I’ve ever come across in the online world one of the worst has to be the ‘Cap Movie Ministry’, a website which provide alternative film ratings for ‘Christian’ parents using its own ratings system which includes scores for ‘impudence/hate’ and ‘offense to god’ […]

ID Cards Pt 3 – There is no escape

One the options being discussed in a number of places is the possibility of civil disobedience should the Identity Cards Bill makes its way into law, the simplest form of which being a refusal to register for a card – after all, at this stage, they’re not compulsory… […]

Tests of Integrity and Intent

Another day and some more information you may not have come across regarding the Identity Cards Bill. One of the key omissions from the bill is that it has no provisions whatsoever to cover the recording of information from the National Identity Register by third party. The bill […]

Unlocking the Register

As some have rightly identified already, the key to understanding the potential threat to civil liberties posed by the Identity Cards Bill is not the cards themselves or even their content, the biometric data on which so much debate has focussed but rather on the database to which […]

Forget about the cards

If ever proof were needed to whats really at stake, the Identity Cards bill has finally been published proving that the real prize for govenment is not the cards themselves, which take up two and a half pages of the bill – four if you could the new […]