In defence of David Fergusson

Tom Chivers is something of a rare beast; a Daily Telegraph journalist who is both scientifically literate and honest enough to offer a critical commentary on articles appearing in his own newspaper. As such, I was pleased to see Tom weighing in on the subject of Nadine Dorries’ […]

Women have a right to know

… the truth about Nadine Dorries’s latest anti-abortion campaign. Yes, I know I should be getting on with fixing up the Ministry but an issue has arisen that merits my attention, namely Nadine Dorries’ latest attack on women’s abortion rights: A cross-party alliance of MPs will launch a […]

Quackogeddon Begins

Everything is explained here and full guidance is covered here, now let’s get straight down to business… I should perhaps note that I do have a very particular and vehement loathing of people who exploit the otherwise perfectly natural fears and anxieties that parents have in regards to […]