Taking the Britishness test

The Times has published a set of sample questions that migrants will be asked on applying for British citizenship; together with the offical answers to the questions. Of course, the thing about really being British is that the actual answers will differ markedly from those the government thinks […]

Misleading the House

Mention the name of Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean and most people will respond; who? If you’re a little more clued in you may have noticed that she has just been appointed by Blair as his special representative in talks for “memoranda of understanding”. In her hands lies […]

Once more into the breach…

Neil’s back with another vain attempt to sell us an ID card or two, so… 1. ID cards are good in principle. NO2ID have no objections in principle to a ID card scheme, indeed they admit there are potential benefits to an ID scheme. Maybe they should change […]

But its only a report

If the old joke; “Q. How do you know when a politician is lying? A. His lips are moving

Selling education by the pound

After the strenuous effort of laying into Blair in my last piece I’m rather too tired to go for mcuh more in the way of spittle-flecked invective, deserved as it is by the government’s education white paper other than to note that I would have rather in not […]

The Privilege of the Harlot

The sure and certain knowledge of your own impending mortality affects people in different ways. For some the surety of knowing that they have started on their final slow walk into the arms of the Reaper sets them to quiet contemplation and a conscious effort to make peach […]

Bird Flu – the answer

Right, as it now appears that the Bird Flu virus that the press are panicking about originated in Scotland, the solution should be obvious… Just coat all chicken in batter and deep-fry it – its as good an explanation for why its had no effect up there in […]

A Letter to the House [of Lords]

24 October 2005 Lord Holme of Cheltenham House of Lords London SW1A 0PW Sir: Re: Identity Cards Bill I note with some considerable interest and agreement your comments regarding this bill, as reported by BBC on-line today [24 October 2005], not least of which is your assertion that: […]

On torture and evidence

In case you’ve missed it there’s an excellent debate on the subject of torture and its justifications or otherwise – mostly otherwise it should be said – which is well worth catching up with. I suppose [modestly] it started here with my own take on comments by Lord […]

Getting nasty

After all the talk of Cameron, Osbourne and their [alledged] mate Charlie, now it looks as though Fox is on the receiving end of a major smear. Apparently, in an interview with the London Evening Standard, Fox was questioned about his sexuality – questions to which he didn’t […]