Here Kitty, Kitty…

There are times when Parliament and the State, in general, seems to have about the same kind of understanding and appreciation of popular culture that Ian Hislop routinely demonstrates on ‘Have I got News For You’. How else does one account for the fact that Britain really does […]

The Prime of Hazel Blears

It may sounds terribly geeky to admit this, but I’m quite looking forward to the publication (today, hopefully) of the transcript of yesterday’s proceedings of Commons standing committee D, which will cover the last two of eight sessions examining the Police and Justice bill. If you’ve been following […]

Making mischief

Well the debate on the Education bill looks set to cause all manner of entertainment if some of the amendments put forward by opposition parties are anything to go by. I think it fair to say there’s more than a little mischief about a couple of opposition amendments, […]


I guess this stands as proof that Justin was right on the money when it comes to Charles Clarke. Fresh from having to apologise to Rachel North’s father – the full story behind the apology is to be found here – we now find dear old Safety attacking […]

A little still she strove, and much repented…

…and whispering, “I will ne’er consent” – consented Lord Byron One of the better ways to put any law to to the test is to see just how easily you can conceive of a situation in which, despite the best intention of legislators, the law ends up looking […]

Pimpin’ ain’t easy!

Just when you get to thinking that maybe your own party had cornered the market on career-ending stupidity, along comes a cheering reminder that when a Tory decides to fuck up their political career then boy do they do it in style… Tory in woman sex sale attempt […]

Blair 3:16

I made a point of avoiding Parky’s interview with Tony Blair where, despite the maxim set down by Alistair Campbell, he finally came clean and confirmed what we’ve known all along; that Tony does ‘do god’. Quite a few others have looked at different aspects of the story […]