Mything Links

If your eye’s are watering at the moment then that’ll be the effect of the smoke coming from the burning straw men over at the otherwise usually reliable Counterknowledge where Greg Stevens has decided to give evolutionists a lesson in faulty logic and reasoning… and not in quite […]

British Blowjobs for British Johns

I don’t know about you, but I thought that yesterday’s announcement of the government’s new ‘crack down’ on the demand side of prostitution lack a little something. Where, one has to ask, was the sound-bite? Come on, New Labour! What the hell’s going on here? Back in the […]

Typhoid Jerome

I’ve ripped on the generally poor quality of health and science journalism in the Indy on several previous occasions, and today’s Indy provides ample reason to have another go at them: My girls won’t have the cancer jab The new cervical cancer vaccine offers few benefits, says Jerome […]

A week in the Death of Common Decency

Of all the comments made in the last few days about the case of ‘Baby P’, I think Mike Power, who’s married to a social worker, has come closest to hitting the nail squarely on the head: The real point here, as I have stated before, is that […]

Sex and the Tories

Work, the curse of the blogging classes, has temporarily taken over my life at the moment, but I reckon I’ve earned a bit of break for some timely Daily Mail bashing, and your dumb-ass headling for today goes like this: Sexually charged shows such as Sex And The […]