Burying the bad news

Only yesterday, Tom Watson raised an interesting query about David Cameron’s entry on the parliamentary register of member’s interests. What Tom noted was this rather curious entry: To facilitate my travel in my capacity as Leader of the Opposition since December 2005 I have received helicopter and private […]

Caught by Con Air’s

My oh my, while researching the background to Flying Lion Ltd/Con Air 1, I appear to have stumbled across something very interesting. One the Electoral Commission’s website, the entry on register of donations to regulated donees for a very senior Conservative politician includes three overseas visits where the […]

Something whiffy this way comes

After a little mild prompting from Tom Watson, one or two bloggers have happily picked up the trail of Flying Lion Limited, a Bermuda registered company with, seemingly, one major asset – a Dassault Falcon F900EX executive jet, registration number VP-BMS, otherwise known to several Labour bloggers as […]

Hehehehe… (updated)

I see that Sam Coates – of Tory Home – appears to be wandering around the blogosphere and making ‘It’s not true’ comments in response to the Indy’s gossipy remarks about the speculation that Tim Mongomerie and Nadine Dorries may have been playing hide the sausage on the […]

Just Good Friends?

From the Indy’s media diary… MOVING ON to more cheerful affairs of the heart. Cyberspace’s one-handed surfers keep the words “internet” and “romance” estranged from one another, but there are, nevertheless, touching tales to be found on the web. Conservativehome.com is a (rather good) Tory site edited by […]

Dr Anand’s Casebook

Apologies, in advance, for yet another post on the subject of abortion but having just watched the relevant segment of last night’s Newsnight and the comments of both Nadine Dorries and a representative of the Christian Medical Fellowship, there is a very specific point that needs dealing with. […]

The abortion debate – a personal view

I’ve posted a lengthy comment over at Pickled Politics on Sunny’s commentary on Mad Nad’s incessant twisting on the subject of abortion, which bears repetition here as it pretty much sums up my personal position on the current debate and one the way forward… Let’s get into this: […]

Dorries and the ‘abortion industry’

As a bit of a coda to my last piece on Nadine Dorries’ mendacious conduct, it is worth noting with due reference to her habitual and tendentious practice of referring to ‘the abortion industry’ that prior to entering Parliament she was, for around a year, a director of […]

1 down. Nine letters, begins with H. Clue: Nadine Dorries.

I’ve taken on and roundly picked apart the banal, uneducated and irrational maunderings of Nadine ‘Mad Nad’ Dorries on the subject of abortion on a couple of previous occasions, so I expect it will come as no great surprise to find that with the Commons’ Science and Technology […]

As I was saying only yesterday…

Its not the government who’re behaving like cowards here – they’ve taken the decision to rule out a referendum and that it will be for parliament to decide on the ratification of the treaty – and it will be for the electorate to judge them according on that […]