Curious George

It’s difficult to know quite what to make of the news that George Ashcroft, a Tory local election candidate in Telford, was at one time the Midlands regional organiser for the National Front, albeit that he was known in those days as Wayne Ashcroft. Mmm… what is with […]

A streak of fairness…

All credit to Jeremy Kite, Tory Leader of Dartford Council, for taking the time to give his side of the story after I picked on a story in the Evening Standard about a website he’d set up which purported to stop voters being ‘bothered’ by canvassers in the […]

Royal Flush

Every once in a while, Polly Toynbee manages to spring a surprise on bloggers and come up with something that’s really rather good… Now Lily Allen is to join Sir Elton John and the rest at Wembley stadium for Diana’s birthday concert. But there is something creepy about […]

Tory Council Leader Runs Vote Phishing Scam?

Regular visitors will, I’m sure, understand perfectly well why I was intrigued, to say the least, by this post at Ridiculous Politics… Tonight’s London Evening Standard has uncovered a Tory Party internet scam – Tories have been caught trying to get voters to disclose their voting intentions with […]

Mutiny in the ranks…

Both Bob Piper and Tom Watson have picked up on the forthright views of senior – in every sense – Sandwell Tory councillor Bill Archer, who is less than complimentary in his assessment of David Cameron’s leadership. “He’s just totally out of touch with the law and order […]

Zelig moves to Bristol…

The video is self-explanatory… [youtube][/youtube]

Plagiarising Polly…

Iain Dale seems to be suffering from short-term memory loss. Here he is introducing a typically vapid commentary on female voting habits in today’s Torygraph… Here’s something for Polly Toynbee to ponder on. It’s a startling fact that if women had never had the vote, Britain would have […]

Honest John

(Published first at Guido 2.0) Tim has already done a fine job of chronicling the scurrilous and largely anonymous bullying directed towards John Hirst (see posts here and at Iain Dale’s Dairy) who blogs as Jailhouse Laywer and, on occasion, pops in comments at my main online home, […]

Unity’s Agony Column

Fiona from London writes: (see the comments) So the rest of you think we should help the world. Britain is full to the brim with EU migrants. They have taken our places for GP surgeries, and now our Catholic schools are turning away British children in favour of […]

Divided by a common language

Via Bob Piper I find Fat Man in a Bathtub struggling to find a suitable candidate for a BBC Poll on the best British film of all time (Bob has some good suggestions, btw): The BBC is conducting a poll on the best British film of all time, […]