The Case of the Disappearing Endorsement?

Mmm, a curious thing seems to have happened over at Tory Home where, according to the Google Alert that dropped into my in-box earlier today, Tim Mongomerie seemed rather keen on the idea of Nadine Dorries joining Eric Pickles in being elevated to a position amongst the great […]

The Prevention of Unicorns Act

I’m indebted to the wonderful PZ Myers for drawing my attention to what has to be the most hysterical and ill-conceived political smear in living memory: Minutes ago I spoke with friend Dr. Norman G. Marvin, M.D. and he is so concerned at what he has learned about […]

For The Birds

It’s been a while, but Chris Sugden has succeeded in shaking me out my current torpor with this hilarious attempt to turn Comment Is Free into a pulpit… There’s plenty of worry around at the moment – the governor of the Bank of England is worried about the […]

Shock Treatment

One of the more enjoyable aspects of blogging is that sometimes even a throwaway comment can trigger an idea for a new post and, given my personal tastes, a new line of inquiry. And that’s pretty much what happened after I threw this comment into my remarks about […]

Plagiarism by Proxy

It’s indicative of the utter bewilderment amongst Tories in the face of the current banking crisis that their attempts to spin thing to their political advantage turns up such a rich array of delightfully Freudian slips, as is evident from this delightful effort from the keyboard of Iain […]

Analyse This!

Via Chris, its come to my attention that the BBC’s Daily Politics show ran an interview with someone called Lucy Beresford, who describes herself on her own website as a ‘writer, psychodynamic psychotherapist, and media commentator’ in which she purports to psychoanalyse Gordon Brown. Unfortunately, the BBC have […]

Picking Fleas

don’t know how many people, if any, have ‘converted’ to atheism after reading Richard Dawkins’ ‘The God Delusion’ but what if more and more apparent is that if his book, and other similar tracts, have achieved anything its that they neatly exposed the intellectual vacuum that is ‘theology’ […]

Show Me The Money

This may get a little weird as I’m just about to fisk someone else’s fisk, but bear with me – it’ll be worth it. The fisk in question is Iain’s Dale’s rather piss-poor attempt at generating a bit synthetic outrage over an article by Dominic Ponsford in the […]