These are some comparisons that came to mind between Jesus Christ and Adolph Hitler

The other day I mentioned a little project I’ve been quietly working on, that of turning some of the ‘thoughts’ of ‘Steve Freedom’ (aka local BNP Councillor, Simon Smith) into a few usable campaign materials for, well, anyone campaigning against the BNP in their local area. I think […]

A point well missed, and then some…

Stephen Hawking’s foreword to a ‘A Brief History of Time’ contains a brief but quite illuminating note on the attitude of the publishing industry towards ‘popular’ science books, one in which he relates how he was advised by the editor assigned to his book that each mathematical equation […]

Toppling the Berlins Wall…

Haven’t done a decent fisk for a while, but then I spotted Marcel Berlins reworking a few tired old arguments and decided that this is too good an chance to get my eye back in to be passing it up… Over to you, Marcel. Time magazine’s “Person of […]

Dave Hill’s got a book out y’know.

This, from Pickled Politics, is well worth a read, just for the glorious run of pisstakes of Oliver Kamm that I appear to have accidentally set off in the comments. Is the book any good? Buggered if I know, but according to the shill on Amazon, the Times […]

Soylent green is made of people.

Polly Pot (sans vegetables on this occasion) appears to be having multiple orgasms over David Milliband’s half-arsed proposals for personal carbon quotas… But Miliband’s electric radicalism comes in his plan for personal carbon allowances. Here is where social justice meets green politics for the first time. Give every […]

Bah Humbug!

I guess the title’s a bit of a giveaway that this post is about Christmas and, this being me, you’re already expecting another solid entry for the weekly swearblogger’s round up… …and I have to say that when I do get into this properly, you won’t be disappointed. […]

The strange tale of Lindsay Lohan’s magical knickers

To save disappointment, if you’ve found your way here via a seach engine and you’re looking for photographs, then sorry you’re going to be bitterly disappointed – try somewhere else. This is just one of those tales that catches the eye as you’re mooching round the net for […]

Lost in Translation

Very good piece by Political Penguin on a pretty crappy piece of reporting by the BBC. More than £100m of public money is spent on translation services in the UK, the BBC has learned. Local authorities spend £25m, NHS trusts £55m and the courts £31m on interpreting languages. […]

Press Stand Accused of Illegal Activity

Congratulations and well done to Iain Dale for breaking this story: EXCLUSIVE: Press Stand Accused of Illegal ActivityFollowing up my story yesterday (HERE) on the scandalous conduct of many of our national newspapers and journalists I can now exclusively reveal the contents of a report to be submitted […]

Yet more twattery

There are good day. There are bad days. And then there are those days that just make you despair of the infantile character of the human race… A Tory councillor who suggested gay people were paedophiles was given a conditional discharge today. Peter Willows, who has been a […]