Cat Flap Fever

Was going to write something – usual hoots of derision stuff – about the idea of having ‘Pet Police’, but Longrider’s nicely saved me the time and is well worth a visit. Go there and enjoy and then ponder this – based on what you’ve just read, how […]

Bloggers Uber Alles

German ad boss apologises to bloggers The leader of a campaign to cheer up German citizens has been forced to apologise after dismissing weblogs as “the toilet walls of the internet”. Jean-Remy von Matt, the head of the leading German advertising agency Jung von Matt, fired off a […]

Irreducible Stupidity

Nice of the Torygraph to give a platform to Stephen C Meyer, one of the leading proponents of the supposed ‘theory’ of intelligent design, as his article nicely illustrates everything that is wrong with this unscientific piece of crap and its supporters. That life evolves is a matter […]

More bad news for Safety

ID cards would be of “limited value” against terror and would not have prevented the London attacks in July, says the reviewer of anti-terror laws. Liberal Democrat peer Lord Carlile said he had changed his mind on identity cards, which he had previously backed. “I can’t think of […]

Birmingham’s Student Grants pt 3

I’ve now managed to track down a copy of the Birmingham University Evangelical Christian Union’s constitution and, quite frankly, I really can’t see what the Birmingham University guild of Student’s problem is. It is a perfectly legal consitution, to start with, and contains nothing that would be impermissible […]

More-on Student Grants

Another piece on the Birmingham University Guild of Students’s war on freedom of association this morning, this time in the Birmingham Post. Can’t say that I’m overfond of the Christian Union’s histrionic comment about Satanists taking over or the obligatory references to ‘it’s political correctness gone mad’ (twice) […]

Student Grants

The furore over Birmingham University Guild of Students (BUGS) decision to effectively shut down the University’s Evangelical Christian Union rumbles on, with the Guild attracting all the wrong headlines. In fact, tonight’s local press is carrying another story (not online as yet so no link) claiming that the […]

New Statesman’s latest leaked e-mails

As noted here, the New Statesman has another clutch of leaked Foreign Office documents and as per the last set of leaked documents, these have accidentally found their way through some OCR software in order to make them usable by bloggers, with the full text being published below […]

Well that’s fucked it

You’d have thought Harry’s Place would have been straight off the mark with this story: Victory for Hamas Figures from Palestinian officials tonight confirmed Hamas’s shock win in the Palestinian parliamentary election over the once-dominant Fatah party. Polls had predicted a coalition between the two parties as the […]