No one expects the Secular Inquisition…

I’m in a fisking mood today, and as Dorries is more that usually inane at the moment, I’m afraid its going to have to be a bit of Mad Mel that gets the bullet: Oh God! Tony Blair has confessed to religious faith being ‘hugely important’ to him […]

Letting them die

Dan Hardie has an update on the situation in Iraq that needs to be spread as widely as possible: I’ve had emails from three people who claim to be – and who almost certainly are- Iraqi former employees of the British Government. All three say that they and […]

The placebo gravy train

I’ve seen some bullshit in my time but this piss-poor attempt at a defence of homoeopathy by Denis MacEoin just about takes the biscuit: Last week, novelist Jeanette Winterson published an intelligent and lucid account of why she believes homeopathy works. Three days later, along came Ben Goldacre, […]

Tory MP shoots messenger… hits own foot.

I can’t help but be amused by this ‘story’ by Rob Wilson MP, from Tory Home. Along with a freelance journalist, Sunjay Kakar, I took a stroll back through Ms [Jacqui] Smith’s recent political past and found that she has “form” when it comes to dissembling. In November […]

It’s an ill wind…

One thing you can never accuse some people of being is slow to spot the potential money-making opportunities in even the most egregious government foul-up, hence I received this by email, this morning. Dear … The latest bungle by government bureaucrats has potentially exposed millions of people’s personal […]

The price of penny-pinching

Right, let me warn you in advance that what follows is going to be deeply geeky and while I’ll try my best to put this in layman’s terms it may only make full sense if you possess at least a fair understanding of how databases work. This evening, […]

Comment is iffy…

Everything should now be in working order, but moving the blog has meant resetting the Spam Karma plugin, so if you post a comment and it doesn’t appear then bear with me – it’ll take a day or two to get SK configured properly.

The Ballad of Glenda Gobshite

I can’t help but be rather amused by the ongoing catfight between Nadine Dorries and Recess Monkey of which Tim Ireland has helpfully provided a running commentary. On the one hand RM does look to have pushed the envelope of good taste a little in digging out the […]

Growing Up In The Universe

Due to Richard Dawkins’ own site having bandwidth problems with the download version of his 1991 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, Growing Up In The Universe, I’ve decided to put up a download mirror for my readers – I’m assuming that as these files have been released into the […]


The Ministry of Truth is pleased to present exclusive footage from today’s Respect party conference. [youtube][/youtube]