Jamie K’s noticed something interesting… Yesterday we noted that Clive Betts was the author of an EDM in support of McDonald’s campaign to McCleanse the OED of the word McJob. From the register of member’s interests: BETTS, Clive 8-11 June 2006, to Germany as a member of the […]

No Sense of Irony

John Reid, speaking yesterday in the House of Commons on the subject of the three control order abscondees: Let me put it simply. The European convention on human rights was intended to defend the individual from the unparalleled destructive capacity of the fascist state. That is what gave […]

Slow Boat to Justice

Mmm… how to choose the right emotion for the occasion? Joy? No, too soon to say, the fight may not yet be over. Satisfaction? Yes. The right thing has been done. Shame? Always. What am I talking about? This – Islanders evicted for US base finally win right […]

Did she die in vain?

Via Bob Piper and The Stirrer comes news that the annual Mayor-making ceremony in Sandwell was rather more ‘entertaining’ than usual this year. Two BNP councillors staged an impromptu walkout from Sandwell Council last night in protest at Sikh becoming mayor.  They claim his appointment breaches the Magna […]

The return of Mad Frankie…

One of the more curious and largely unnoticed effects of the colonisation of British ‘popular’ culture by US-style glossy celebrity magazines – think ‘Hello’ and ‘OK’ – has been the almost complete demise of a one-time staple of celebrity reporting, the ‘soap actor attacked by idiot who thinks […]

More thinking aloud…

Unlike some  – and that’s not a set for a dig, Neil – I have to confess that I’m entirely sanguine when it comes to the manner of Gordon Brown’s ascension to the leadership of the party. Yes, a contested leadership election would have been much more consistent […]

Not much of an Emperor…

For reasons lost in the mists of alcohol, I get the occasional e-mail from the Lib Dems telling about the all wonderful things they’ve been doing (yawn!), the latest is which comes – apparently – from the Emperor Ming himself… I am shocked that the Labour and Conservative […]

Opportunism Knocks

Far be from me to dig Tom Watson out of the hole he’s created for himself by falling into the trap of defending the indefensible, i.e. David MacLean’s Freedom from Accountability Bill, but if anyone should be leading the charge in criticising those MPs whose votes saw the […]

I’m Spartacus again…

I’ve written before about the pernicious and unjust nature of the UK’s libel laws – let’s face it, when the UK becomes the jurisdiction of choice for wealthy litigious American s’lebs intending to sue their native supermarket tabloids, then you know damn well how biased and unfair our […]

Simon Walters is a Lying Scumbag

At the risk of attracting a libel action from the Daily Mail, I’m happy to go on record to demonstrate unequivocally that Simon Walters is a lying scumbag. In his hatchet job on Owen Barder (see last post), Walters makes this allegation: Mr Barder also gives extraordinary details […]