Dale’s Al Gore Moment

Remember when Al Gore claimed to have ‘invented the Internet’…? Well, Iain Dale’s at it… I don’t have many claims to fame, but inventing the phrase “plastic poll tax” as a description for ID cards is one of them – back in 2005. I see it has become […]

Dishonesty Dorries Rides [Yet] Again

It is, I think, time to give Nadine Dorries yet another lesson in honesty, openness and transparency and, at the same time, give Iain Dale a much needed lesson in checking your sources before you open your mouth and embarrass yourself. Back in May, Sunny Hundal submitted a […]

Curing Colic

I’m in a bit of a snarky mood today, so someone’s going to get it – and that someone is a guy named Greg Schmidt who lives in a small town not far from Nashville, TN. So who is this guy and what has he done to piss […]

They Steal Babies Don’t They?

As you might expect, poking a stick at John Hemming and his pet conspiracy theories about baby-stealing social workers has drawn the conspiraloons out in force and, as usual, the arguments they have to offer are none the more convincing for their continual repetition. Still, and somewhat unusually, […]

Rounding Up The Peasants

There are many things in life that piss me off and that, in some respects, is a good thing because things that piss me off are a constant source of inspiration for things to write about on this blog. I will freely admit to having many pet hates […]

For Art’s Sake!

And lo it came to pass that yet a British court has been asked to consider the merits of a vexatious private prosecution brought by a Christian fundamentalist stooge of Nadine Dorries’ new BFF, Andrea Minichiello Williams… Representatives for a gallery in Gateshead appeared in court yesterday charged […]

Sheik Yerbouti

In the normal course of events, if its evidence of the increasingly casual normalisation of Islamophobic memes in popular culture you’re looking for then your best ports of call will be one or more of The Sun, The Daily Mail and the Daily Express. In fact, just about […]

An excursion in conspiraloonacy

As you might well imagine, the fallout from last week’s attempt to silence Harry’s Place is rattling on nicely and it seems that not only does one of the principle characters, Jenna Delich, have a bit of previously undisclosed form when it comes to circulating links to material […]