The Adoration of the DJ

I do hope that Damian Thompson of the excellent ‘Counterknowledge’ won’t mind me borrowing a question he posed earlier this this year [H]as anyone ever produced a theory in which computers recreate the night sky that hasn’t turned out to be bullshit? The answer is, quite clearly, no […]

On Solidarity…

Having already commented on Alex Hilton’s current predicament vis-a-vis a vexatious libel action, its been most remiss of me not to bring things fully up to date by noting that two other bloggers, Dave Osler and John Grey, are in the same boat (figuratively and maybe also literally […]

Government Bullshit Risk Detector

When stories start appearing about the government’s plans for a nationwide rollout of the use of so-called ‘lie detectors’ to trap ‘benefit cheats’ there seems to little else for a diligent blogger to do but run the whole idea through their own personal bullshit detector to see what […]

Brunswick Strikes Again

Although I’d guess that I’m a long way from being on Alex Hilton’s Christmas Card list after my rather sharp commentary on the general state of LabourHome, duty and common decency requires that I draw everyone’s attention to the fact that Alex is latest blogger to face the […]