Rape Statistics – What can we rely on?

Before we get into this properly, there’s a bit of background information I need to share with so you’ll understand, fully, how and why this article came to be written, what – exactly – I’m trying to achieve here. The origins of this article lie in a three-way […]

Its Time To Scrap Religious Education

It seems that Michael Gove’s ministerial postbag is getting more and more interesting by the day: Teaching unions, educationists, religious bodies and the British Humanist Association (BHA) have issued a joint call to the government to end compulsory worship in schools. The appeal has been made to the […]

The Irish Annals of Quackery

To quote the late Cyril Fletcher, I’m indebted to the Irish edition of the Independent newspaper for this article, which provide a perfect opportunity to examine and expose both the deceptive character of alt-med quackery and the ease with which it rook the unwary into paying over large […]

Does Dorries know whose ‘research’ she’s promoting?

Yesterday I ran through the ‘plethora’ of evidence that’s being promoted by Nadine Dorries in the mistaken belief that it establishes a causal connection between abortion and subsequent mental health problems experienced by women who’ve undergone an elective abortion. In the process I also introduced you, perhaps for […]

Dorries’ Abortion Risk ‘Plethora’

The latest piece of anti-abortion trash that’s being bandied around by Nadine Dorries purports to be a list of thirty studies, published in the last five years, which allegedly show that abortion ‘hurts women’s mental health’. It’s a veritable plethora of evidence, and anyone who’s familar with the […]

Dr Sheila Matthews and the Jim Crow Revivalists

Taken at face value, Dr Sheila Matthews’ claim of religious discrimination, which is current before an Employment Tribunal,seems to be not much more than a bog standard piece of ‘religitigation‘, right down to the involvement of the Christian Legal Centre in the case. Matthews was, according to reports, […]