Do I have to?

I suppose I can’t let today pass without some comment on the 10th anniversary of Diana getting street pizza’d in a Paris tunnel… …and this is it, courtesy of Saint Hairy Bob of Africa: [youtube]it45ankt0Ds[/youtube] In case anyone misses the message here, Paul Linford has put up five […]

Cameron’s Intelligence Crisis – part 2

On to part 2 of my look at the Tory’s mini-manifesto on crime, and to yet more carping about bureaucracy and Bobbies on the beat: 1.3 Permanent police visibility A permanent police visibility on the streets is by far the most effective deterrent against crime. Currently the average […]

Cameron’s intelligence crisis – part 1

This is the first of a series of posts over the next few days in which Ill be dismantling the Tory’s ‘mini manifesto’ on Law and Order, piece by piece, starting with its specific proposals and then finishing up with the proposed ‘Social Covenant’. So lets kick things […]

Sham Cam’s Flim-Flam

Without wishing to spoil anyone’s anticipation of the upcoming publication of Iain Dale’s latest guide to political blogging, I’m one of forty bloggers who has a self-penned entry in the book’s ‘Who’s Who’ section, in which I make the point that one of things that motivates my writing […]

Pretty Fly for a Chav Guy

The Times has published an intriguing allegation regarding the background to the pedal-by shooting of Rhys Jones that, perhaps better than anything else I’ve read in the last few days, explains why its important that we crack down on teenage street gangs in the UK: Detectives believe that […]


As we’re on the subject of gun crime at the moment, its worth pointing out that Scotland has its own moral panic, unseemly bout of political opportunism and proposal for a bit of McBansturbation playing out by the numbers at the moment, albeit one in which its airguns […]

Facts, Lies and Gun Crime statistics

At the risk of getting right up Dizzy’s nose (yet again) it’s worth pointing out that unlike some bloggers I personally make a point of never taking statistical information provided by politicians, the media (or in some cases, other bloggers) at face value without first checking the original […]

What’s in a word?

There’s a rather interest piece of linguistic legerdemain on the Telegraph’s website: One in four babies born in the UK now have a foreign mother or father, Government figures have revealed. Office for National Statistics (ONS) data for the year to July 2006 showed the proportion of babies […]

The Great Firewall of Turkey

If you’ve booked a holiday in Turkey and had any thoughts of nipping out to a local cyber-cafe to catch up with your favourite blogs while you’re out there, then forget it. If the blog you’re after is hosted at then all you’ll see is this: “Access […]

Chindamo: What the Mail isn’t telling you.

The media driven furore over the decision of an asylum and immigration tribunal to rule out the deportation of Learco Chindamo on his eventual release from a 12 year sentence for the murder of Philip Lawrence, predictably, continues apace with the locus of the story having shifted from […]