The Charlatan and the DWP

A couple of months ago, myself and Alex Harrowell did a big of digging into the background of the company whose ‘voice risk analysis’ technology is being introduced by the DWP as a means of screening benefits claimants for the possibility that they may be committing fraud. (see […]

Jeni Barnett – Pig Ignorant and Proud

It seems that abuse of copyright law are rather like buses – you get nothing for a and then two show up at once. I’ve commented on the Associated Press’s attempt to sue artist Shephard Fairey for basis his now famous ‘HOPE’ poster on a photograph for which […]

Raging Bull

It was, perhaps, inevitable that Iain Dale and Derek Draper would end up trying to settle their differences by two falls, a submission or a knock-out. It’s just rather a pity that they chose to make their first major set-to, over the BBC’s decision to ditch Carol Thatcher […]

Small Gods

I came to the conclusion, quite a while ago, that whatever else Richard Dawkins may have achieved with the publication of The God Delusion, the one definite achievement of the book has been its successful exposure of the abject intellectual poverty of the majority of religious ‘thought’. Having […]

British Wildcats Exposed – Exclusive

I can exclusively reveal that the operator of the British Wildcats website, which featured on tonight’s Newsnight, is actually BNP ‘web guru’, Simon Bennett. Bennett, who lives in Cornwall and is listed on the leaked BNP membership list as an activist, also operates a number of other BNP […]