What she said, she said….

Via Recess Monkey, it appears that a Facebook group has been set up to defend the honour of Arleen Ouzounian, who unwittingly found herself in the Daily Mail after putting her typing fingers into gear without engaging her brain: Top young Tory hails death of Labour MP The […]

All that’s missing is the toaster and the cuddly toy…

Taking about keeping it in the family, Gordon’s reshuffle means that in ministerial positions we now have the brothers Milliband, the Balls family and, last but not least, the Eagle twins. Next thing we know we’ll find out that Hazel Blears is the long-lost daughter of Denis Skinner […]

What abstinence-only sex education really means…

I had thought I was finished with the whole Playfoot/Silver Ring Thing for the time being – at least until the High Court issued its judgement and we could see whether sense and reason have prevailed, but then I’m a bit of sucker for debunking bad science (and […]

Ahhhh-Bullshit… Gezundheit!

You’ve got to admire the chutzpah of the folks over at Tory Home when it comes to making up excuses to cover the decision to draft in Tony Lit, a now former direction of Sunset Radio, as their chosen candidate for Ealing Southall before the ink was even […]

Dumbing Down Dementia

One of the more enjoyable (and sometimes inflammatory) habits adopted by the excellent Dr Crippen is his posting of what he calls ‘Quacktitioner Alerts‘, which, in common with Ben Goldacre’s ‘Bad Science‘ provide a valuable public service by highlighting all manner of crap science, piss-poor practice, misinformation and […]

Felicity Lowde Sentenced

Rachel is, I expect, pretty snowed under at the moment, so I’ll break the news… Cyber-stalker Felicity Lowde Awarded Six-Month Jail Sentence For Terrorizing Rachel North June 28, 2007 10:36 a.m. EST Susheela Hegde – AHN News Writer London, England (AHN) – A cyber-stalker has been handed down […]

Ealing Southall (again)

This just in from the Lib Dems on the upcoming by-elections in Ealing Southall and Sedgefield: Labour are scared of the Liberal Democrat challenge. Really? What were the figures for Lib Dem support in the last couple of opinion polls? 15% or so? In recent years they lost […]

Radio GaGa – Ealing Southall edition.

Via Iain Dale, it would appear that the Tories are keeping it in the family in their choice of candidate for the upcoming Ealing Southall by-election. The Conservatives have now chosen their candidate for the Ealing Southall by election this lunchtime. He is Tony Lit, MD of Sunrise […]

There’ll be a party at the Crippen’s…

Hewitt leaves Cabinet health job Patricia Hewitt will not be health secretary in new Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s first Cabinet. She was widely expected to lose her post after increasing pressure over NHS deficits and doctor training schemes. It is not yet known if she will be given […]

Rights and Religiosity

Right, I said I’d look at the legal side of the Playfoot’s case for religious discrimination under the Human Rights Act. The basic contention is that the school’s decision to ban the wearing of chastity rings amounts to a breach of Playfoot’s rights under Article 9 of the […]