Swiftboats and Fixed Terms

With the Christmas festivities safely concluded, I’ve decided to take a little time out from some truly excellent Christmas reading – Christopher Hitchens’ “Portable Atheist” is well worth the investment in book tokens – to tackle one of the most risible pieces of hypocritical political sophistry I’ve seen […]

It’s only hubris if I fail

Every so often an article appears in the media that I cannot possibly pass up the opportunity of commenting on, and one such article, a spectacularly self-serving commentary on the GMC’s decision to strike off child protection ‘expert’ Professor David Southall for serious professional misconduct, appeared in the […]

It’s the insurance market gone mad!

One of my favourite put-downs whenever I encounter something particular stupid or inane is to enquire as to whether the author has a problem with literacy or comprehension, a question I’d like to direct to a Tory Councillor in Norwich by the name of Anthony Little is regards […]

Can I have a receipt for that?

In a move guaranteed to get right up the noses of the seething classes it appears that the BBC’s Newsnight programme may well have caught the Cameroonies favourite think-tank up to their elbows in fabricating evidence used in a flagship report on the alleged sale of extremist ‘Islamic’ […]

The key to future global wellbeing?

A few months back, a blogging physics teacher by the (online) name of Wellington Grey caused a bit of stir by publishing an open letter to the DfES and AQA asking, actually begging, them to give him his subject back. I am a physics teacher. Or, at least […]