MAC Classic

Curiously, as its only Thursday (and they usually dump their shit on Fridays), today sees a new press release from the office of Dr Demento (© Simon Carr). I’m not sure whether I should inflict on you that much of the usual, by the numbers, preambulatory bullshit that […]

Revising Britain’s Libel Laws.

The petition has been approved and is ready to be signed – just follow the link… (it does help if I put the bloody link in as well) To be clear about what kind of things I am advocating when I suggest that we adopt US-style libel […]

Better to write on your knees then get sued on your feet?

The decision by blogger Jackie Danicki to publish a photograph of a man she alleges to have assaulted her on a tube train (Jackie’s site is down at present, so no direct link) and request help in identifying her attacker appears to have prompted the usual bout of […]

Tough on the causes of crime?

Having a background in psychology, I should be entirely comfortable with the outcome of a new criminological study into street crime that demonstrates that the underlying motives for such crime can be rather more complex than mere acquisition. And yet, instead, I find myself unable to shake the […]

Corruption: Its in the national interest…

I’ve seen some excuses in my time but the latest from the ongoing Serious Fraud Office investigation into BAE’s dealings with the Saudi’s take the absolute biscuit: Secret payments of millions of pounds from Britain’s biggest arms company have been found in Swiss accounts linked to Wafic Said, […]

Another village idiot in the woodwork.

I could, and probably will, write a lengthy and considered piece about the absurdity of Press Complaints Commission director Tim Toulmin’s suggestion that blogs should be covered by a voluntary code of practice – not such a thing would apply to MoT as but for out own berserker […]

Slavery is a state of mind.

I thought I’d start this article with another ‘treasure’ from my storehouse of personal anecdotes dating back to my days as a youth worker. One of the semi-regular chores during my time as a youth worker was the mandatory attendance at a bi-annual get-together of youth workers from […]

Confused of Birmingham writes…

Salma Yaqoob, in yet another unimaginative reply to the launch of the New Generation Network, seems to be just a liitle confused: The New Generation Network manifesto argues that, “We need to foster a climate in which people can have private differences which include religion, language and culture, […]

The perfect Christmas present

Advertising is not usually my forte but there are times that it is only right to make an exception… …oh, bugger it. Let’s cut the bullshit and cut straight to the chase. This year’s anthology of the (subjective) best of British blogging, The Blog Digest 2007, goes on […]

Intelligent Design is NOT science – and here’s the proof…

If ever the name of an organisation was a misnomer then its that of the latest peddlers of the unscientific snake oil of creationism, ‘Truth in Science‘, which, according to the Guardian, is currently claiming that its ‘resource materials’ are in use in 59 secondary schools in Britain […]