Guess who’s back..

…back again. Safety’s Back… brought a friend… Politics is about the future not the past. Oh for fuck’s sake – change the fucking tape will you! Look, politics is about the past, present and the fucking future. You learn the lessons of the past, you apply them to […]

Typo of the day…

Ellee Seymour, the Alice Tinker of the British Blogosphere, on the subject of domestic violence… Let’s hope our jails are never too full for the viscous bullies who beat up women. Yes, let’s bang up all the oily bastards and have done with it…

Road Pricing: A Modern Parable

A man walks into a bank and asks to see a Business Advisor. After a short wait, he’s shown to a private office. ‘Good morning’, says the man. ‘Good morning, Sir.’ replies the Business Advisor, ‘Would you care to take a seat?’ The man sits down. ‘Now, I […]

Well that’s alright then…huh???

When it seems that Patrick Cormack’s future as an MP may be more secure than everyone first thought… The vote which would have ousted veteran Tory MP Sir Patrick Cormack has been declared null and void. David Billson, chairman of Staffs South Conservatives, said there had been a […]

Tories fail to declare £4.9 million donation?

It’s just been brought to my attention that the Electoral Commission may be investigating the purchase and sale of the Tory’s former headquarters in Smith Square after a Lib Dem Peer, Lord Oakeshott, questioned whether the transaction contains what would be, in effect, a £4.9 million anonymous donation […]

Levelling the playing fields…

The Electoral Commission are supposed to be the independent ‘watchdogs’ of Britain’s democracy, with responsibility for regulating many of the campaign activities (and finances) of Britain’s political parties and yet it seems that they’re just as much part of the ‘establishment’ as anything else if Devil’s Kitchen’s explanation […]

Sorry! What do we pay you for, again?

Oh dear, so the Maximum Tone’s blown the gaff on one of the worst kept secrets in British politics with his recent missive to 27,000 or so signatories to an anti-ID cards petition on the Downing Street website: “I believe that the National Identity Register will help police […]

Cut the bullshit and back the BBC.

It seems that I’ve been ‘tagged’ by Tom to give the once over to a Fox News Lite video ‘report’ (posted on Conservative Home) about Robin Aitken‘s claim that the BBC is guilty of an “unconscious, institutionalised Leftism” Mmm… Do I want to spend 15 minutes or so […]

Accepting The Unacceptable?

As I’ve noted on a couple of occasions I have a few issues with the ‘equality industry’, the parasitical mix of Quangos and special interest groups that sits astride what is, after, a very simple idea – equality – and seeks to milk it for every last drop […]

Bastards. How dare you move the goalposts before I get my peerage.

I’ve more thoughts on Jack Straw’s white paper on House of Lords reform, which I will get to in due course, but in the meantime let me introduce you to Anil Bhanot, General Secretary of the Hindu Council UK and author of what is, thus far, the worst […]