Inequality and the 80’s

As DK kindly points out, in the postscript to this post, I’m the kind of leftie who likes to do the research and back up my arguments with evidence, so when I run into disputes such as this one: Narrative #2: but, of course, one of the most […]

Dismissed with Prejudice

It’s time for a quick update on the ongoing SSG/SPCK saga and J Mark Brewer’s efforts to obtain a bankruptcy order in the US court on behalf of a UK charity and if you’ve been following any of this you should be delighted to know that Brewer’s bankruptcy […]

What were Councillors told (or not) about Avatar?

Ordinarily, there’s nothing particularly unusual in stories of senior civil servants and local government officials scoring themselves a jolly junket on the public purse on the pretext of attending a course given by some sort of bullshit management guru nor in the press complaining that this amounts to […]

Harry’s Place sued over typo?

It seems that Blogosphere’s quixotic ‘relationship’ with the UK’s abysmal libel laws has reached a new low. Harry’s Place is currently ‘offline’ as a result of what appears to be a wholly vexatious threat of libel action levelled at the company which hosts it DNS entry as a […]

Bad Idea #103 – Defending the indefensible

If there’s one thing I try to make a point of, even though comes pretty easily to me, its that of never trying to defend the indefensible. There are certain things you encounter in life that are just plain wrong, no matter how you try to look at […]

You can make any choice you like as long as its a baby.

By choosing to focus of the scientific evidence relating to abortion as the central plank of its deliberations on changes to the existing abortion laws parliament has, unintentionally I’m sure, created a ready market for ill-informed and idiotic op-ed articles in the dead tree press, and with the […]

Can you libel woo?

Time to get back in the saddle, and what better way to kick things off than by adding yet another name to the growing list of vexatious would-be libel litigants – and on this occasion it not an Uzbek oligarch or Texas-based shyster but one of the UK’s […]