J Mark Brewer revisited (updated)

I’ve left this alone for a couple of days but to bring everyone up to speed the ongoing saga of J Mark Brewer, the St Stephen the Great charity/charitable trust and SPCK’s former bookshops continues to rumble on unabated, with Brewer continuing to fire off his rather sanctimonious […]

Hard Cases Make Bad Law

When New Labour is finally laid to rest – as it must be one day, because all things come to end – what, I wonder, will be its epitaph? What will… what should it say on the headstone? Speaking for myself, I think that can be no more […]

Questions for J Mark Brewer

I’ve noticed that a few bloggers have taken to sending ‘I am Dave Walker’ e-mails to J Mark Brewer at his office e-mail address. I’m not sure quite how wise a move that is on its own, although his rather sanctimonious comments in reply are quite amusing. That […]

SSG/SPCK Bankruptcy Filings

I’ve got a treat for anyone following the SSG/SPCK saga today – the fill set of legal papers filed in relation to J Mark Brewer’s attempt to take a UK registered charity into bankruptcy in a Texas court. To begin at the beginning, we’ll start with the Statement […]

SSG/SPCK motion to dismiss chapter 7 application

As promised, I can now provide a full copy of the motion to dismiss the application for Chapter 7 bankruptcy filed by Mark Brewer in respect of the seemingly non-existent SSG LLC. Ordinarily I’d run this though an OCR package to generate text that can easily be copied […]

SPCK owner seeks US bankruptcy protection for UK charity

Over at the Wardman Wire, Matt is currently presiding over yet another ‘Spartacus Action’, this time relating to a ‘cease and desist’ letter issued by the Texas-based owner of what used to be a chain of Anglican bookshops to a British blogger/cartoonist, Dave Walker, which led to the […]

Tinfoil Helmet

From the file marked ‘Please can I have a job at the Daily Mash… please… pretty please…’ we find a ‘Staff Reporter’ at the Sun getting the annual silly season off to a flying start: Anti Alien’ hats for Wales A US boffin has pledged ‘anti-alien’ hats to […]

Harry Cole: Not Open. Not Transparent

Follow-up research in the so-called ‘Centre for Open Politics’ has revealed that one of its founder members, Harry Cole, a Vice President of Conservative Future Scotland, was found to have operated an anonymous attack blog during his campaign for President of Edinburgh University Students Association, earlier this year. […]

Coincidentally… (updated)

Having busted the so-called ‘Centre for Open Politics’ as a front for Conservative Future in my last post, I did a little more digging and turned up this information from the site’s domain registration information… Domain name: sunlight-cops.org.uk Registrant: Centre for Open Politics Limited Registrant type: UK Limited […]

Say goodbye to the Sith…

As I expected all along, Guido’s ‘crusade’ against the Smith Institute has turned out, on publication of the Charity Commission’s Inquiry Report, to be pretty much a busted flush. Overall, the Smith Institute has been criticised for failing to take sufficient steps to ensure that it maintained a […]