Welcome to where time stands still

Much as I generally try to avoid the febrile ravings of Mad Mel Phillips, her latest prurient missive for the Daily Mail is one that I simply cannot pass without comment: The cause of Mad Mel’s latest rantings turns out to be a set of draft regulation being […]

Contains Strong Language and a Rant About a Complete Bunch of Twats

Regular readers might have long since gathered that I’m no great fan of bureaucracy – who is? – but more than that, the one thing that really, seriously gets on my fucking tits is being patronised by bureaucracy… …and right now, there is no more patronising bunch of […]

Cooking up a Storm(front)

Following on from my own recent work in exposing local BNP councillor Simon Smith’s prurient views while posting under the alias ‘Steve Freedom’ on the Stormfront forums, I’m delighted to see that my esteemed collegue PoliticalHack has been doing a bit of digging of his own, and has […]

Making Plans for Nigel

I don’t often pull stuff out of the comments boxes, but the following response from Nigel Sedgwick, to a recent piece of mine on government IT cost overruns (specifically on the NHS electronic patient record system) and how this is likely to relate to the National Identity Register […]

And still no sign of the amazing dancing bear…

Not content with being roundly exposed as a regular contributor to the cess pit that is the Stormfront Forum, Great Bridge BNP Councillor Simon Smith has very quickly succeeded in demonstrating that other notable facet of the BNP… …plain old-fashioned stupidity. Simon, like other Sandwell Councillors, is given […]