Wrapped in Tinfoil

I’ve said repeatedly – usually on those occasions where MoT has been nominated for some sort of ‘blog award’ – that my overall attitude to such things is that they’re a bit of fun but hardly something I consider to be too meaningful. So far as my personal […]

Nothing like a good grovel

Iain Dale reports from the Spectator’s Parliamentarian of the Year awards that the winner in the category for members of the House of Lords was… … Baroness Thatcher. … This being the same Baroness Thatcher whose record as a peer over the last year, according to They Work […]

It makes even light rubbish deadly

I’ve covered this subject before, fairly recently, but I’m going to make no apologies for returning to it again to revisit and add to my original comments. In a column in last Friday’s Daily Telegraph, Iain Dale had this to say about a particular issue that he expects […]

Growing up in the Universe

Let me give you the spiel: Oxford professor Richard Dawkins presents a series of lectures on life, the universe, and our place in it. With brilliance and clarity, Dawkins unravels an educational gem that will mesmerize young and old alike. Illuminating demonstrations, wildlife, virtual reality, and special guests […]

He’s a wobber and a…

Without naming names, a quick scan of some of the chatter in the feminist blogosphere appear to indicate that David Cameron’s speech on rape has actually gone down rather well – or the very least he’s managed to produce the right of soundbites for that market but, if […]

Smoke and Mirrors

One of the more notable (and sensible) silences in the blogosphere around the time that the whole Usmanov issue kicked off was, of course, that of Paul Staines (aka Guido Fawkes) who – to credit him with a modicum of intelligence – wisely chose to lie low rather […]

On religion and poverty

Sunny has picked up a rather interesting special report on religion in public life in the Economist (start here – there are about 7 or 8 articles that can be read in sequence by following the ‘next article’ link at the bottom of each piece) which has prompted […]

Pass the sickbag

While others take the Tory hypocritosphere to task for all the usual reasons, a quick visit to Nadine Dorries’s website, CiP (Comment is Prohibited) show her to be reaching for the literary emetics with all her usual lack of restraint. For me personaly (sic), the most difficult part […]

Conspiratorial Thoughts

I may be a tad late joining the ‘why I’ve joined the Liberal Conspiracy‘ party but sometimes its worth hanging back for a couple of days to check out some of the initial reaction to the project. Which, perhaps unsurprising, seems to be something of a mix of […]

Miss Nadine Regrets

Tim and Garry have both picked up on Nadine Dorries’ sudden decision to turn off the comments facility on her ‘blog’: No More Comments Posted Thursday, 1 November 2007 at 00:00 I am no longer going to post comments on my blog. Please don’t send any more comments […]