Ladele v Islington – was there a conflict of interest?

The extreme decision of an employment tribunal in the case of Ladele vs Islington (pdf), that of the registrar who claimed to have discriminated against on religious ground for refusing to officiate in civil partnership ceremonies, has naturally drawn a considerable amount of attention amongst bloggers. Thus far, […]

Trouble in Paradise

It’s hardly the stuff of a lead story on the BBC Evening News, but there is rather more of interest to be found in the concerns recently raised by the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee in regards to allegations of government corruption in the Turks and Caicos Islands, one […]

Defending the Fifth Estate

Britain’s libel laws have long been a national disgrace. In the Internet age they have now become an international scandal, raising sufficient concerns amongst our American cousins that Senator Joe Lieberman (Ind) and Representative Peter King (Rep) have found it necessary to introduce new legislation into the US […]

Murray faces more legal bullying

Craig Murray looks set for another bout of legal fisticuffs with our old friends, Schillings: Schillings are a firm of libel lawyers dedicated to prevent the truth from being known about some deeply unlovely people. They managed temporarily to close down this blog (and several others) to keep […]

Source for the Gander

As David T notes at Harry’s Place, their dispute with Mohammed Sawalha of the British Muslim Institute  has moved on a stage further with an exchange of solicitors letters: Last Friday, in the wake of a closely argued debate about whether Mohammed Sawalha, the President of the British […]

Seems familiar…

Mmm… this story in today’s Independent seems just a little familiar… On the morning of 7 October 2006 The Sun newspaper splashed a dramatic story across its front page. The story – billed as exclusive – concerned a callous and cynical crime committed by Muslims. A team of […]

Harry’s Place threatened with legal action

There are certain things that are guaranteed to bring political bloggers together regardless of any differences of opinion and outlook that may ordinarily hold sway. One, as the legal firm Schillings, learned the hard way, is the use of threats of litigation in an effort to suppress legitimate […]

The Daily Schadenfreude

From the file marked ‘Schadenfreude’ we find that: CHRISTIAN VOICE DIRECTOR FACES BANKRUPTCY A Christian activist who tried to charge the BBC’s Director General and the producer of Jerry Springer the Opera with blasphemy is facing bankruptcy over a ‘grotesque’ costs order. The High Court ruled last December […]

Meaningless ‘Records’

Oh dear, it appears that, despite all the effort put into more or less successfully curing its main carriers (Guido and Iain Dale) Nadine Dorries has now come down with a bad case of Dale’s syndrome… If anyone is interested by the way, May was a record month […]

Dishonesty Dorries Rides Again

If there’s one thing worse than an cover-up, its a badly executed cover-up, and you’ll find no better example of the latter if you take the time to visit the website of Nadine Dorries. To give a quick recap of the story so far, a short while back, […]