Dorries and BPAS – a Pre-emptive Fact Check

Tonight I’m going to try something that’s a little off the wall even by my standards – I’m going to pre-emptively fact check a ‘report’ before its even been released into the public domain and without having any advanced sight of its contents. How, I guess your wondering, […]

Is Dorries Pushing Abstinence-Only Sex-Ed?

There is some considerable – and I might also say deliberately contrived – confusion as to the question of whether Nadine Dorries’ abstinence bill amounts to the promotion of abstinence-only sex education. Dorries and her supporters claim that she isn’t pushing abstinence-only sex education and, of course, use […]

The Madness of Nadine Dorries pt.2

Before getting down to business I should perhaps explain the overall purpose of this current series of posts. I’ve been researching and documenting the dubious conduct of Nadine Dorries for quite some time, in fact a little over four years. Over that time I’ve accumulated rather a lot […]

The Madness of Nadine Dorries pt.1

It used to be said that a lie told often enough becomes the truth*, although not necessarily by Lenin as the the attribution of this statement to the artist formerly known as Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov to him is, at best, apocryphal. Joseph Goebbels*, on the other hand, did […]

Dorries: Step away from the damn banana

What is it with Christian nutjobs and bananas? You may recall that perhaps the most embarrassing creationist video of all time involved Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron’s musings on the perfect god-given design of the ‘atheist’s nightmare’ – the banana. [youtube][/youtube] And now, Nadine Dorries is running around […]

On Dorries

Somewhere in the deepest recesses of the cellars of the House of Commons, Nadine Dorries sits hunched over her precious and mumbling to herself about the dreadful iniquities visited on her by those those nasssty twittering leftisssts… Back in the real, the eminent moral philosopher Harry G Frankfurt […]

What has Dorries got against Worldspreads?

Now here’s a funny thing. When a Member of Parliament makes use of parliamentary privilege to place serious allegations about a company or individual on the public record you’d expect them to have made every effort possible to check the accuracy of their statements before addressing the House. […]

Must We Fear Nadine Dorries?

Over the last few years I’ve written quite a lot on the subject of teenage pregnancy, abortion and related issues, much of which has been prompted by the dull-witted and willful ignorance of a single MP – Nadine Dorries, of course. If there’s one pertinent observation that crops […]

Dorries’ Abstinence Speech – The Fact Check

Looking back over the speech given by Nadine Dorries when introducing her ridiculous 10 minute rule bill, there are several factual innaccuracies to be added to list I started the other day. Take, for example, Dorries’ claims about the opinions of Dame Joan Bakewell… I am sure that […]

Nadine Dorries – Liar!

There are two very basic problems with Nadine Dorries… 1. She’s a liar who will say just about anything to cover her own arse. 2. Every by the generally low standards of most liars, she’s completely crap at lying. Earlier today, Tim Ireland reported that, in line with […]