The Name’s Freedom – Steve Freedom.

Warning – Not work-safe if your workplace has a policy on accessing offensive material and very long.

No, I’m not Steve Freedom. ‘Steve Freedom’ is the online alias used by Simon Smith, the newly elected BNP councillor for Great Bridge in Sandwell, on the white ‘nationalist’ forum ‘Stormfront’, which means that what you’re about to read are some of the comments and forum posts that Simon has been making over the last five years (he joined the forum in 2001 and has made more than 2,100 forum posts to date), comments that strip away the carefully sanitised, voter-friendly image that the BNP has been at great pains to project in recent years.

This is Simon writing in what he thinks is a safe zone, amongst people who share his prurient views and appalling values and under an alias that precludes him being easily identified. What we have here is the real Simon Smith, warts and all – it makes for very illuminating reading.

I should begin by offering some evidence that Simon really is ‘Steve Freedom’, since his first and most obvious defence against what follows is to claim ‘mistaken identity’, so to begin with, there are these two posts in which he discusses his professional standing:

Don’t worry we’ll win eventually ! 

I’m a teacher myself and so can relate to the thread you submitted about your child having to go to a mosque – there are very very few headteachers worthy of respect – they pay their mortgages and toe the party line – no one will remember their names when they are gone.

We the White Race have a hard fight ahead – but for those who have "Woken" up we have no alternative but to enage the enemy with what ever courage and resources we have at our disposal.

Consider joining the BNP or at least making some financial contribution- every little effort is not wasted, because it’s up to us, there is no one else…


I’m sorry silent p, there’s no known cure for swallowing a copy of the "Daily Mirror"…

I’m an ex school teacher, forced out by the religion of "liberalism", no tattoos, but since I’m supposed to be a "criminal" and I now know that JJT earns a bit, I might take up burgling since according to the proffered equation BNP = crook, I might as well act according to book…. 

The "documentary" makers purposely selected items that would put the party in a bad light… All other things being equal, I’ve got better things to do than involve myself with politics – but this is a STRUGGLE FOR SURVIVAL.

And, of course, Simon’s fifteen minutes of fame came when he sacked from a teaching job at a Roman Catholic school in Solihull after they discovered he was standing as a BNP candidate in European Elections, as Simon notes here on his newly set-up blog:

I was the first teacher to stand for the British National Party. For this I was sacked – because of lack of finance I can’t fight for my rights – so much for the present system of British justice ! Never to be one to steer clear of trouble: Let me be the first elected person in Britain to go on record as saying that the September 11th 2001 attacks on the USA were an inside job to justify the expansion of the American Empire. If I die in a car crash or other suspicicious circumstances you will know why !

Ignore the 9/11 rant for the moment – I’ll come back to that in a while – and concentrate on his first comment. ‘Steve Freedom’ claims, initially, to be a teacher and then later states that I’m an ex school teacher, forced out by the religion of "liberalism" while Simon Smith states that he is the first teacher to stand for the British National Party – is that a coincidence?

Of course not, but then that’s not the clincher that proves that Simon Smith and ‘Steve Freedom’ are one and the same, that can be found in this post:

It took me a long time to come to the same conclusions as most of the folks here…the interest in the subject arose because it is obviously convenient to the Nationalist cause that the "Holocaust" didn’t happen in the way orthodoxy suggests…. never the less it DIDN’T happen in the way orthodoxy suggests AND ENFORCES ! 

I spent over a year reading the info on the net and came to the conclusion that 6 million is a gross exaggeration and that there were no mass killings with Zyklon B…There were of course individual cases of deliberate brutality which must be set against the sufferings of many other people in World War II

The starving disease ridden bodies on the old black and white films were a consequences of the latter days of the war when allied bombing, amongst other things prevented food and medicine going to the concentration camps.

Take some time and come to your own conclusions

(I put together some links on my own humble website )

The key information here is to be found in that last line, the reference to my own humble website, which used the domain name

Simon was the proud owner of this domain from 1999 until 2004, when it was subject to a complaint of ‘passing off’ from Yahoo, detailed here in the records of Nominet’s Dispute Resolution Service, which resulted in the domain being transferred to the ownership of Yahoo.

As Nominet’s records show (pdf), the respondent in this case was Simon Charles Smith, the same Simon Charles Smith who was recently elected as councillor from Great Bridge.

Taken together, these two pieces of information more than satisfactorily demonstrate that Simon Smith is the pseudonymous ‘Steve Freedom’ who has posted regularly on the Stormfront forum for the last five years.

So that’s who he is take care of, but that’s only part of the story. The real story here lies in looking at what some of the many comments that Simon/Steve has posted in this forum tell us about who he is and what he really believes – and that’s what this article is really all about, showing the real Simon Smith that lies behind the voter-friendly veneer imposed on him by the BNP.

All of which makes this exchange between another Stormfront member and Simon, particularly interesting:


This was how we conducted Nationalism in the 80’s in Liverpool. Never was a movement using tactics like this (and you had to ) going to get anywhere. From street punch ups to provocative marches, was a recipe for disaster. 

This is why the BNP must at all cost, steer clear from anything that can resemble violence or Holocaust denial. Its not that the press wont call us Nazis (they will ) its the fact the public need a way out to justify voting for us. By carrying on with old tactics the public will be scared to support us.


I’d certainly agree with the notion that "holocaust denial" as you put it, should be avoided amongst Joseph and Josephine Public.. but then again anything that challenges the average attention span should be as well…One idea forming in my mind lately is think and study deeply but communicate superficially, touching on what sales people call the "hot spots"…

The internet, whilst public, imo is a different sphere of interaction. We can expect to engage the more articulate, intelligent and educated on Stormfront. Perhaps there may have been a time when old style Nationalists may have been ashamed of that; I don’t know. Immediate political success is of course important and I don’t believe that it will be affected by the occasional revisionism discussion on SF within the appropriate forum…We have to engage the next generation of Nationalist leaders through a medium such as this…

If the concern is that the forces of decadence will say "such and such " a person said "this and that" on Stormfront, I would say to that person WHAT FORUM DID YOU SAY ? A BIG worry for the enemy would be that Stormfront became even more popular than it is. I understand that SF is something like the forth or fifth largest forum in the world. As you say we are "Nazis" whatever….

Hope to meet you sometime in the flesh Joe …



sorry if i gave the wrong impression regarding image.I don’t mean curb our tongue on Stormfront,but carefull promoting Nationalism to the public.After all,Stormfront is not public in the true meaning.

What i mean is,the people who say we (the bnp ) are watering our views down and selling out,don’t understand the need for this slight manoeuvre from our goals and public mindset.When they do,they will understand.

You will never convince the public six million did’nt perish untill we are in power.

Our people need to be steered back with a sensible and carefull approach,one devoid of hate.If the public hated like we do,Black and Asian ghettos would not exist.

This is now why we must tread carefull and play our enemies at their own game.If people all over the country aggree with us ( and majority do ) then why are we not in power? Its becouse they are scared and not sure were not the monsters the media say we are.Having marches and fighting and calling for eveyone to be sent back,is not going to convince them we are right.

In fact,you will see a black Britain before that.

What’s interesting here is the general level of contempt towards ordinary people that Simon displays – I’d certainly agree with the notion that "holocaust denial" as you put it, should be avoided amongst Joseph and Josephine Public.. but then again anything that challenges the average attention span should be as well – and of, course – We can expect to engage the more articulate, intelligent and educated on Stormfront – not only might the average voter be put off by talk of holocaust denial, but they wouldn’t be intelligent enough to understand this issue either, according to Simon.

All of which leads on to the question of just what kind of views Simon holds on the subject of the Holocaust? Well this should be obvious simply from this short comment:

I wrestled with this subject for a long time….I didn’t want to accept what you may could call the "WN postion on the subject" just to fit in with everybody else… 

The "Holocaust" is the biggest lie of all time….

I know where you are, so to speak..You will need to carry reading on the subect to put your mind at rest…

But if that’s not enough, try this:

The thing is Mark I thought like you about 18 months ago. I did a lot of reading on the matter and found myself substantively in agreement with the folks on the SF board…

There is a semantical (as well as a semitical !) problem with the word "Holocaust". It has to be established what it is that is being "denied". No one denies that hundreds of thousands of Jews died in WWII. It is the means and the extent of the deaths that Revisionists question.

The gas chamber story is as full of as holes as much as the alleged gas chamber roofs are not ! What finally "converted" me to the "Revisionist" camp was the expert witness in the Zundel trial who demonstrated the impossibility of cremating the number of bodies that have been alleged by the "orthodox" school.

A problem with the topic is that the "Orthodox" proponents accept the revisions that the Revisionists prove, but do so in a quite manner with an air of "we knew that all the time"…

Anyway, do some reading. My own recommendation is to go over an account of the 1988 Zundel trial. A little time consuming, but well worth it if you wish to get to the truth of the matter.

Not just Holocaust denial then, but the full ‘Jewish conspiracy’ line as well, which he continues with here:

Umbro drops its Zyklon shoe after Jewish protests…numbro29 .xml

I sent this email to the Telegraph in response

"Dear Sir,

With regard to the “Zyklon” trainers article…

After doing quite a bit of reading on the "Holocaust" , I must say I don’t believe in the "Received Version" that is put out by the mainstream media. I believe we are living in a "Pre Copernican" era on this subject, and whilst it may be painful for vested interests to get to grips with this subject and call me an "Holocaust Denier", "Nazi" etc the truth will eventually stand by itself.

I believe that people who promote the "Orthodox" version of the "Holocaust" i.e. 6 million and mass executions by gas either believe in it as an article of faith or actually know they are propagating a myth whose demise would have consequences for Jewish interests.

I’m not stupid, I know that the Daily Telegraph is controlled by a Zionist lobby and I know that there is no way you would publish this letter in your newspaper. My hope is that this email may be seen by at least one truthfully minded individual before it’s consigned to the trash folder.

The six million figure is not even believed by Jewish “Holocaust” researchers. They do keep quiet on the matter so as not to dispel the myth. In fact the six million is in mathematical terms 6 times 10 to the power 6, a significant mystical Jewish number. The six million was being predicted way before 1945. It doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

The 1988 Zundel trial allowed independent execution expert Fred Leuchter to demonstrate that the crematoria at Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II could not have been used for execution purposes.

Zyklon “B” is not a fast acting gas. You are wrong. Even the article you link to refers to half an hour. The amount of Zyklon “B” used at the so-called “extermination” camps was no more or less than the other concentration camps. Cremation in 20 minutes is impossible. Germany wouldn’t be able to provide the coke for the crematoria for the number claimed.

The pictures of the emaciated corpses we see are of starvation and typhus victims and were taken in the western camps of the Reich. The tragic events occurred towards the end of the war when supplies were being cut off. British autopsies showed that none of the victims died of cyanide. In fact it was still claimed until the early sixties that gassings took place at Dachau and Belsen etc where the witness testimony (which has been debunked) was in no ways different to the witness testimony put forward at the IMT trials with respect to the eastern concentration camps….

I could go, but what’s the point ? You either believe the “received version” or you might have a slight doubt. If you have a slight doubt then research the topic…"

In referring to the ‘emaciated corpses’ Simon is, here, alluding to one of his favourite fictions about the Holocaust, which claims that the appalling state in which the Allies found inmates on liberating the concentration camps was the direct result of Allied bombing disrupting supplies to the camps and not due to the general conditions under which the inmates were kept by the Nazis.

I expect this particular e-mail to the Telegraph got the response it deserved and found its way rapidly to the spam bin, but don’t think Simon’s finished with this subject yet, here’s what he has to say on the subject of those who witnessed the Holocaust first-hand:

The so called eye witness testimony was a stumbling block for me a couple of years ago. Since maturing in my outlook as to how the world works, I realise that those who say they witness "gassings" etc and the like are: 


2/Or liars including

a)Those who would extrapolate from genuine hardship experienced, to fictional "genocide"

b)Those who are paid.

3/Forced under torture to "confess"

What would be interesting is a list of the "main" witnesses (eg Gerstein, Hoess, Wiesel) who are put out on "parade", with a short debunking paragraph. This would be useful. Has anyone seen anything like this ?

…perhaps with a list of those who saw nothing, eg Red Cross, Christerpherson(? unsure of exact name – it’s something like that ?)

And, of course, it doesn’t stop there:

Originally Posted by Odins-Eye

Let me guess, did they say the predecessor to St Lawrence died in a gas chamber? It always amazed me how many thought Anne Frank died in this way. 

Not only that but the diary was a fraud…. 


 We’re back to media domination of the sheeple’s consciousness and of course the disproportionate representation of Jews in the media with the associated shield/sword holocaust account on which the Zionist Entity is based….

 People are waking up to the truth, but it’s a slow process. God only knows what damage is done before the educated/intelligent can trickle down the Truth about all of this to the Corrie/Footie people…

 (Am I a snob ? Too bloody right ! )


 Originally Posted by silky3

 Bloody hell! Will the Jews never let up about the holocaust?(em,no daft question)They think it gives them carte blanche for anything that they do.


 Exactly and that’s why the term was coined, well after WWII…They own the media, banks and the minds of the unenlightened..

 The state of Israel has fed off the "Holocaust", a term I think was coined in the sixties…Never the less at street level , the best thing to say, and to be honest, I don’t think the "Holocaust" is an obsession with Joe Public any more than Revisionism is with Nationalists, is to just shrug the shoulders basically and say "nothing to do with us" etc…Temptation, to be severely resisted is to try and show how clever you may be on the subject..

 The predictable smear attempt is a sign that the enemy (viz globalist parties Lib/Con/Lab) are intellectually bankrupt and will do anything to stay on the gravy train…

 Actually, the first recorded use of the term ‘Holocaust’ in reference to the persecution of the Jews was made, in Latin (Holocaustum) in a letter written by Richard I, which is obviously somewhat before the 1960s, but I’ll let Simon’s ignorance of the subject pass for now and move on to this post:

 Originally Posted by lucian_lacroix

 I’ve seen too many movies of people in concentration camps, mountains of bodies being bulldozed into ditches, living skeletons walking around, etc. Yep, it happened. Maybe it will happen again.


 Yes indeed. You raise a good point. The pictures are the starting point of the indoctrination process Pictures are very powerful. I first heard the Revisionist perspective over twenty years ago and dismissed it because of the pictures. Interesting how we don’t have any pictures of gentiles suffering at the hands of Jewish commissars in the Gulags isn’t it ? A few observations:

 1) Most of those unfortunate to die, died of typhus/starvation (brought about by lines of communication being cut in final months of war)

 2) It’s not possible to extrapolate from hundreds of dead bodies seen dead to say "six million" died.

 3) The extent to which "It" (The ‘Holocaust’) happened is the real question.) I believe the establishment are going for a "soft landing" with the H story. I believe they are gradually reducing the six million/gassing part of the narrative and speaking more in terms of Jewish suffering etc.

 A ‘soft-landing’ indeed, but still it goes on:

 Originally Posted by Bookworm

 It may be Inconvenient History but England rather than Germany initiated the murderous slaughter of bombing civilians thus bringing about retaliation. Chamberlain conceded that it was ‘Absolutely contrary to International law’.


 I’m sure that’s true. There’s a question. How do we tell people ? How do we feed this into practical politics ?

 The laughable thing is that modern "education" has become so perverted that even the "Auschwitz" myth , according to the "mainstream" isn’t being properly promulgated. Presumably people have to read (etc) in order for them to spread this Zionist gospel around. Do we laugh or cry ? The NWO machine requires ignorance on the part of the population to succeed. When it succeeds, it finds the population has become so ignorant (because of the thrust of liberal Bolshevik education) that it can’t spread its propaganda around !!!

 Truth is forever. The only anchor we have.

 Even when faced with a valid question, Simon cannot drop the subject…

Originally Posted by Roy H.

Jesus, what does the Holocaust (or lack of it) have to do with British White Nationalism, or British Nationalism in general in 2005…

It only makes you look like someone the government can easily have a swipe at and someone the media can easily take advantage of to destroy your image and thus get you less votes…


Some of the points there do have merit, I am not saying they don’t however this was 60 years ago, we are in a batter for the surivial of our race against governments and corporations dedicated to multiculturalism in 2005

That’s a good question. We obviously don’t need to discuss it in non-cyberspace where we have to address more mundane issues. Despite being a public forum, the enemy, i.e. The Globalist Elite don’t go out of the way to draw attention to Stormfront because they’d score a massive home goal. I know where you’re coming from. We’re not telling the "rulers" what they don’t know already anyway. Perhaps the penny might drop one day with well meaning ANL types who whilst certainly not converted to our point of view, will certainly see how their "genuine concern" for humanity has been perverted, manipulated and channelled against an indigenous people trying to preserve their way of life.

I was half listening to a TV program about Einstein earlier. Every other sentence was about "Nazis". The commentator had been to some sort of training session where the pronunciation of the word "Nazi" was spoken in the most ominous and contemptible way possible to the human voice. The reason is obvious. In May the UAF smear leaflets with Auschwitz etc will come out. Quarter educated TV wallers will wag their fingers knowingly and say "well you know where Nationalism lead don’t you ! gas chambers/six million dead and so on"

SF, I think is educational. Who stands to gain the most and who lose the most from a truthful debate of these issues ? I rarely discuss the Holocaust in non cyberspace because I’d be wasting my breath.

The misnamed British Broadcasting Corporation has really gone to town with Auschwitz. I just can’t believe the way in which the "world" preserves these myths. As well as serving as a finger wagging sound bite against Nationalism, the Holocaust acts a foundation stone for the state of Israel. How can a country or any people exist based on a falsehood?

As might be obvious by now, Simon’s views on the Holocaust come complete with the usual ‘Global Zionist conspiracy package’ as this next run of posts illustrate:

 A valid point about the Jews.

 I think because they are so intelligent when it comes to language, inherent understanding of hierarchies and haggling/politics etc they are capable of exploiting the "Homer Simpsons" of our societies. They understand weaknesses in White folks and can manipulate them…. If Homer is stupid enough to let Mr Burns in to watch the boxing match then Homer is the one that needs to be told he is a fool. Can we blame Mr Burns ?

 We need to address our own shortcomings through education. Education that would indeed includes an analysis of the "Jewish Question". (amongst many other topics: Race, Economics, Science, IT, etc etc )


 This is a delicate area of discussion that will draw fire from the trolls on the board who will present some sort of "hardline" position to disrupt Nationalist momentum.

 I think there is an overiding sense amongst those that care and actually do things, that we walk a tightrope on these matters.

 We cannot deny Jewish Supremacism on one hand, neither can we deny those with Jewish descent in Britain (I seem to recall the figure 300,000) who are not Zionist, and perhaps most, who are not significantly detrimental to Britishness . The threat from Judaiism imho is of Zionism and not genetic swamping… Ultimately, and I may walk a lonely trail on this, I believe even Zionism is a cover for the ruling elites.

 I will venture an opinion on Pat Richardson. If you have the guts to stand for the BNP then you have the right to criticise her, otherwise STFU.

 Many perhap will look up to a certain mid twentieth century military philospher and statesman and hail him as a sort of saint – fair enough -I will not argue. He had a certain number amongst his elite who had certain ancestoral question marks over them moreso than modern day groups. This isn’t easy. Everyone who cares, understands this.

 Guess who the ‘mid twentieth century military philosopher and statesman’ might be? No, go on, have a guess? May this will help:

 Away from the seemingly (?) need to disassociate oneself from Christ or Hitler depending on whether one wishes not to regarded as a “”Jesus freak” or a “Nazi”, both men have been great influential world leaders. I grew up with the Christian faith and whilst rejecting the established church ,( not describing myself as a “Christian” other than in the general sense of performing a “Christian action" etc), the sayings of Jesus Christ are as quotable as Shakespeare ,Plato or Jefferson.

 The Internet has been a great source of knowledge about Adolph Hitler for me. I’ve read the first couple of chapters of Mein Kampf and can’t find anything I disagree with ! I think even now, White Nationalists may be apprehensive about coming to close appreciating Adolph Hitler – In my mind a very courageous and truthful man. I suppose there may be a great fear about identifying with anything Hitler said, the argument being that it could set the movement backwards – perhaps the only thing that will push the “Movement” forward in the long run is the Truth – unpalatable and uncomfortable as it maybe.

 These are some comparisons that came to mind between Jesus Christ and Adolph Hitler:

1 Both vilified by the major ruling powers of the world

2 Jesus killed by Romans because of Jewish lobby – Adolph affectively killed by Allies because of Jewish Lobby

3 Followers of Jesus persecuted after his death – Followers of Adolph persecuted after his death

4 Both drew attention to the lies of the Jews

5 Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple – Adolph threw out the Jewish bankers from Germany

6 Both were courageous men

7 Both were orators who connected with the “common folk”

8 Both came from fairly humble lower middle class families

9 Both have attracted devotees who would die for their respective causes

10 Jesus vilified by the Talmud, Adolph vilified by the (Jewish) media

11 Arguably both have attracted distorted ritualistic/fetishist behaviour from their fans that may have missed out their essential philosophy driving them (Truth/Salvation ?)

12 Neither had offspring – their legacy was who they were and what they stood for.

13 Both spoke the Truth and were willing to suffer the consequences for it

But I digress, slightly, back to the ‘Jewish conspiracy’…

Originally Posted by bombadillo

.. Maybe we overemphasise the jewish angle a bit too much: what we probably have is an emerging global financial elite in which jews have disproportionate representation.


I would tend to agree with that. Although, in front of disproportionate , I would put the word "very". Human nature is to get things with the least effort – Jews are good at business etc when you have unjust law and taxation etc, those with the apptitude to exploit will exploit – the BIG problem in the West is the ignorance,cowardice and laziness of White people – It’s no good blaming anyone else – Our future is in our own hands.

Originally Posted by Helsingor

Oh, and let’s not forget….

Ultimately, the goal of the Globalists is One World Government and so we should analyze things with that framework in mind.


Yes indeed. The reason why the "globalists"/"zionists"/illuminati/elite etc, call them what we will, are successful is that they understand lower human nature: Be it the sheeplike rush for house loans of the populace /sex manipulation of politicians/drugs/fear of a bullet etc etc etc Their rise to power has been along the least line of resistance. IMO, also ruthlessness beyond the imagination of most on this board – including the telling of the "big lie".

A real question for White Nationalist politics is :

Do we educate, or increase political influence by taking on board White ignorance ? (i.e. Playing along with the "Muslim Hijacker" paradigm.)

That last one’s a nice touch – do we educate or increase political influence by taking on board White ignorance… must remember that for next year’s election campaign.

Still, to give Simon his due, he’s no ‘Jew basher’ – look, he says so here….

You are either very naive or a globalist/Zionist shill.

If you are the former, then it’s forgivable.

To take one example quoted. The attack on the USS Liberty was clearly an Israeli "false flag" operation.

BTW I’m not a Jew basher. One of my favourite political commentators is Jewish – Henry Makow at I’m prepared to learn from anyone.

Although maybe he’s not so keen on Makow after all….

Originally Posted by Call Of The Blood

He [Henry Makow] is a jew, that’s enough for me not to trust him.


I think that’s fair enough, but I’m beginning to wonder if their avaricious nature (along with many Whites) isn’t somehow being used by a higher political layer just as the Jews have used Blacks’ nature to achieve their more visible aims…Basically the Jews in as far as they are "Jews" may not be at the top of Mount Olympus..I do wonder….

As you might expect for all this, Simon also has some very ‘interesting views’ on the subject of race in general, and it just wouldn’t do him justice not to pick up a few of them…

An interesting article. I spent the afternoon reading this and the link given….

It seems to me from this that Jews despite their cleverness, don’t fully appreciate the ULTIMATE repercussions of their collective actions….It seems to me, and I think Macdonald is saying this, that there "isn’t a global conspiracy" per se, but a sum total of consequences from their actions. Dr Pierce would say they do what they do "because they’re Jews"

Interesting that the average Jewish IQ is similar to ours wrt spatial intelligence. They are seemingly very good articulators of pseudoscience (and world champions of hypocrisy !) as befits their high verbal IQs..

I couldn’t help thinking about their semitic cousins (The Arabs) and their evolutionary strategy, Islam….

How about this for some home baked philosophy of my own:

The Jews have a "feminine" survival strategy and the Muslims a "masculine" one…

Jewish families seem to be smaller than Muslims, perhaps emphasising the maternal care to a few rather than creating Allah’s foot soldiers

Jews have monogamy and Muslims polygamy

Jewish religion is inherited from mother. Women married to Muslims have to become Muslims…

Jewish materialism has a hoarding "feminine" quality whilst Muslims prefer to take plunder from the infidels, a “masculine” feature…

Jews like to ingratiate, a feminine quality, whilst Muslims prefer military conquest

Jews have a high verbal IQ, women are usually better linguistically than men…

Islam seeks converts by conquest i.e. whatever women your right hand takes in battle you can take (paraphrasing here something from the Koran)

How about a quickie on the subject of Edwina Currie’s affair with John Major…

I think she’s also a Red Sea Pedestrian ….

The BBC news led with the Major/Currie story and the newsreader without taking a breath went on to talk about Blunkett’s get tough policies with sex offenders…I wonder if anyone else noticed that….

But then I wouldn’t want to think that it’s only Jew that Simon has some clear opinions on…

99 times out of a 100 when talking about Negroes or people from Pakistan , I’m quite happy to speak of them as "Negroes" or "Pakistanis". For the common or garden nigger or paki I think that’s fine…. 

But for people like this, they are Niggers and Pakis with a capital N and P.

There are two women friends of mine who keep getting hassled by Blacks because they have blonde hair all the f****** time. For any Blacks reading this stick to your own bloody women, as ugly as they are !

Simon’s none to keen, it seems, on the new Archbishop of York, either…

Re: New Archbishop of York appointed

Future generations will look back on this sad episode as we look back on the burning of witches, Noah’s ark and the idea of the earth being flat.

Stop the Bus ! The Emperor has NO clothes !!!

Simon’s last comment here – the Emperor has no clothes’ was followed by a photograph of a gorilla – did I mention that he often doesn’t do subtle? Try this…

I suppose the plus points for a White woman who has half castes is that instead of locking them in their rooms when they misbehave she can have velcro ceiling attached in their bedrooms and keep them imprisoned by sticking their heads against the ceilings…

Nice, eh? But then Simon’s well known in Stormfront circles for his compassion towards his fellow man…

Tragedy girl’s dad blasts BNP

THE family of a 12-year-old girl accident victim has blasted the far-right British National Party for using details of her death in a political leaflet.

Amy Houston, a pupil at Our Lady’s and St John’s High School, in Blackburn, died in hospital last November.

She had run into the road and was hit by a car driven by a failed asylum seeker close to her home.

Angry father Paul Houston, from Accrington, said he wanted nothing to do with the leaflet, which has already been distributed across the North East of England and could soon be used in Lancashire.

But the BNP, which has seven councillors in Burnley, today insisted it had done nothing wrong and would continue to use the case to highlight its policy on asylum seekers.

Details of the case have now appeared in a copy of a BNP leaflet called Newcastle Patriot, distributed to homes it is targeting in this summer’s local council elections.

It says: "While Amy’s parents have to live their whole life coming to terms with their daughter’s death, Ibrahim will be back on the streets in as little as two months.

"Similar tragedies are increasingly common, and the situation will get worse.

"Only the BNP will stand up and so no to asylum madness."

Amy’s father Paul, of Russia Street, Accrington, says: "The last thing we want is for Amy’s memory to be used by a party with just one thing on their political agenda, stirring up racial hatred.

"This is very upsetting and makes me very angry. I did not bring up my daughter to be a racist, and I am not one either. This leaflet implies we are supporting the BNP when nothing could be further from the truth.


Demonstrates the power of media brainwashing to overwhelm the natural emotions that anyone should normally feel…..The need to be accepted by the wider community is the driving force…

Sad for him about his loss, but still a real lemming..

That 12 year old girl is our racial kin regardless of what her father says. She is just as much our flesh and blood as his….

He also had a bit of an interesting take on the BBC’s ‘Great Britons’ series…

I’d chuck Churchill, Diana and Lennon out straight away….

Cromwell, Hmmm, a man of conviction and guts, BUT NOT A MAN OF THE PEOPLE…

Nelson was my boyhood hero and still is (CLEVER AND BRAVE. What a target to aim for !?)

Shakespeare, the world greatest EVER wordsmith…

Creativity AND engineering are what differentiate Whites from every other races, IMO…so Brunel for me as a REPRESENTATIVE of his class of innovators. Of course Brunel was a DOER and God knows, we need people like him….

An incredible man who worked tremendously long days… A long list of achievements: Suspension bridges, tunnel under the Thames, steamships, the Great Western Railway, whose track was laid in a phenomenally short time…He made a few mistakes as well but always recovered and pressed on to the next challenge

So creativity and engineering are what differentiate ‘Whites’ from every other race… like the Incas, the Mayans, the Egyptians, the Babylonians…

Perhaps we ought to get back to more familiar territory for Simon…

Make Africa history NUKE IT.

No, we can’t do that. If that was done, how are we going to aid the whites who still live in places like Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) and South Africa take back their countries and restore them to their former status as advanced white-run countries?

Well good for them, I’m sure the ANC are quaking in their boots as we speak… and it’s worth noting that Simon’s no music fan either…

Originally Posted by Louiscorso

Just back from the love music hate racism "festival" in Trafalagr Sq (on a recon basis obviously) many thousands of young mostly white brainwashed morons sit gazing at negros on MC’s singing along to lyrics along the lines of "no place for racists in my land, we the black brothers gonna make our stand" smash the BNP etc

The slogan bedecked t shirt wearing, ginger dreadlocked middle class white halfwits who were there in vast numbers (surbiton must be empty today) were all covered in UAF stickers and SWP paraphenalia, groups of young blacks thronged the fringes of the square in a menacing fashion, I honestly do not think i have ever seen less intergration between a large group of black and white people in all my life Of couse the blacks don’t want to be associated with these idiots who soooooooooooo dearly love them, the women are hideous and the men are the very antithisis of the young black male.

I vented my anger at some of the many police on duty who duly nodded and asked me to move along and signed a few petitions in the name Heinrich Himmler (funny to see some fat disgusting white freak thanking you for your support)

A truly disgusting afternoon, it has realy stiffend my resolve to the BNP, I thought you should all know just what is happening in your capital, I am sure that i was not alone as an "intruder" anybody else there ?


Sounds like a scene from the "Time Machine"

White = sheep-like Eloi

Black = cannibal Moorlock creatures

Actually, it’s not just music that Simon’s not keen on – he seems to have gone off football as well…

It’s hard to say , but I want White Denmark to beat the mongrel "England" team…

Blacks and half Blacks will never be English – Hell wiill freeze over first

I made a post about "Football Nationalism" in the articles section of Stormfront..

 Football is just a drug in my opinion…….RACE is the important thing. A nation can’t measure its worth acording to its Football team’s ability – that’s nonsense…

Not tuning in to the World Cup, eh?

There are obviously more important things than football, but having five Blacks playing for England was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me… 

If you follow the England football team as an expression of "patriotism" without doing anything else , God help you…..

Football is what the gladiatorial spectacle were top the Roman world. A way of channelling feelings of pride, aggression and identity into something that wouldn’t challenge the status quo… 

It’s time to give up footie folks…"When I was a child I thought as a child " etc

It also seems that Simon’s not overly keen on his local club…

Many years ago my local team West Bromwich Albion beat Oldham 1 -0 to reach div 1, but F*** football, my team plays in the all White strip ! (and I don’t mean Leeds !)

(Soapbox time for football – Millwall petrol bombing Bham City because they didn’t gain promotion – pathetic. Football is a religion supported by people who are brainwashed idiots who should wake up and see that the real struggle is a day-to-day affair not a Saturday afternoon spectacle…)

Another thing about football Hooliganism. This ridiculous throwing punches and kicks at opposite fans…You see half a dozen hooligans throwing punches and kick at opposition fans like powder puffs – their target is still standing …Its all macho bol@8cks. Lets all grow up and join in the real fight !

I believe we should tackle (ha ha ) football fans and tell them that the colour of our strip is White….I hate professional football but the real challenge is to harness the raw energy of the supporters. As the Duke of Wellington said with regards to the British army (i.e. the Scum of the earth or similar) before Waterloo “I don’t know what they do to the enemy but my God they frighten the hell out of me”

Which also happens to be the team (WBA) I’ve supported my whole life, in fact, as a callow youth, I stood on the terraces at Oldham with my father on the day we gained promotion, to which Simon refers.

I’m proud of my team, proud of its history and its achievements – but most of all I’m proud to say that racist scumbags like Simon are definitely not welcome at the Hawthorns. There is almost nothing a true Albion supporter is more proud of than the place we hold in footballing history as the first top flight team to field three black players – English black players.

 But I digress into personal matters, let’s get back to Simon and a game of Cluedo…

 Political Cluedo:

 The White race is being murdered at Tudor mansion. Move your token round the board and find the culprit…..

 Just a thought:


 The Rabbi Green

 Colonel Muhammed

 Professor Blair

 Mrs Non-White

 Mrs PeaCock

 Miss Tartlett

 Murder Weapons:

 The Lead Newspaper

 The Holocaust Sword

 The Coiled debt

 The Candlestick for Racial Equality


 Drinks room in house of commons

 The Minds of the Brainwashed

 Bank of England



 Local Boozer

 I told you he didn’t do subtle – he doesn’t do psychology either…

 The reason why Blacks disproportionately don’t vote is that the frontal part of the brain associated with postponing immediate gratification is not so well developed as in other races.

 I mean having to go all the way down the street and marking cross on a piece of paper doesn’t bring sex, drugs or the latest pair of trainers.

 Judging by the turnout at the last general election, I guess that more than 40% of the population have the same problem in postponing immediate gratification.

 So that Jew and ‘Blacks’ dealt with to some extent, but what about other racial groups…

 This is why the Indian sub continent is a ****hole. the people are pathologically corrupt. Whilst the British Raj was ultimately for us a disaster, it was a time when the Indian bureaucracy functioned in a way that actually achieved things: Railways, sewage, military discipline etc etc

 These people are takers, takers and takers. Our system is by no means perfect, but these business hawk Asians have involved in an environment that makes them deadly amongst vulnerable non-corrupt Whites – and still many of our people don’t wake up.

 But not so pathologically corrupt as to suggest there’s nothing all to be learned from one of them them…

 "..Mahatma Gandhi was a racist, and his opposition to apartheid in South Africa was borne of his resentment at being treated like a "raw kaffir." This isn’t to say that the man’s efforts to secure Indian independence ought to be outweighed by his views about Africans, but it is nevertheless understandable if the descendants of those he thought "only one degree removed from the animal" aren’t at all eager to celebrate his life and works."


 Despite the fact that Gandhi only made one good film. If we can put to one side the film makers requirment to make Whites look unworthy etc, it’s possible to view Gandhi as a "Nationalist", and see if "we" can learn lessons from him and the way he worked.

 Mmm… can the BNP learn from Gandhi’s methods – no, that conjures a horrible image of Nick Griffin sat under tree wearing nothing but a dhoti… yeuck. Time to move on I think, to a little confusion about Islam…

 Originally Posted by harry barnes

 I fervently hope that my White European kinsmen, and especially those in the UK, will begin now to see the necessity of following the recent Dutch example.

 Islam is a mortal threat to our people and our White children. It must be uprooted from our lands.

 Islam is a racial religion. It is alien to the White race. It must be extirpated. Soon.



 And yet. You have to distinguish between:

 1) Islamification of Britain/Europe – We don’t want it. We are experiencing it because of the underlying economics that have made immigration possible.

2) Middleast Nationalists (who just happen to be Muslims in their own countries) – Iraq was said to be the most secular and welcoming to Western tourists before Gulf War I and II

3) Attempts to make it seem like (Iraqi resistance for example) are committing acts of barbarism…Well what can I say. Mossad (Israeli intelligence) has a long history of committing atrocities to cause outrage against Muslims nations. Jewish controlled USA (with some help from puppet of a puppet Britain) is causing far far more suffering than the execution of foreigners who shouldn’t be there anyway. I don’t think it useful to draw political capital from "events" in Iraq, IMHO – especially as we, unfortunately, are the "bad guys" being cannon fodder for Israel.

So, you get that don’t you? Islam is bad when it’s over here, but okay when it’s off elsewhere fighting Jews. Especially in Iraq where the entire insurgency has all been contrived by Mossad – No, still not sure? Try this…

Originally Posted by Helsingor

I’m actually a bit confused by this latest tactic.

On one hand they tell us to take on the Muslims with open arms in all it’s multicultural glory and yet produce things like 9/11, phony Mossad/CIA beheadings, Hezbollah, etc.

Do they want multiculturalism to crash and burn? It would almost seem so.


Good point. I think they want us to hate Muslims in the Middleast (where they challenge Israeli power) but LOVE them in the White countries (where they undermine White identity.) I notice this in Britain. I think Blair and Co are walking a tightrope on this one. Because of their number and influence in Britain, I can’t see a "British September 11th" – it would upset the multicultural applecart too much . Unfortunately, I can see the authorities framing a White Nationalist for some big crime and then using the coming British version of the Patriot Act to limit civil liberties.

I guess this is why Simon has a somewhat original take on one particular political figure…

GG is in the Red Ken mould. Part idealist, part man of courage, part idiot.

The man would surely hate us WNs. Never the less. Just because someone "hates" us – there’s no reason to "hate" him.


The basis of this fear is this. The liberals, By I which I mean the GENUINE liberals (like Galloway) will , in Britain, become aware and VOCAL regarding(globalism), amongst other things the "911 Truth" movement. I’m sorry, but if you DO NOT believe 911 was an inside job by now, then IMHO you are a lemming.

There are only two parties of principle in Britain. The BNP and the Lib Dems [Respeck](Yes I know at the highest level the LDs are part of the three headed hydra monopoly capitalist system, but lower down, there are people of principle in it)

I believe there are epoch changing events on the horizon. The nationalist cause needs to take on board much.

Galloway is being touted as a hero by many freedom-loving Americans, who surely live under the most evil White (?) Government of all time.

We have to make sure we are not outflanked by Galloway and chums

Somehow, I doubt the Lib Dems will be too keen on receiving Simon’s endorsement.

Meanwhile, Simon is somewhat more sure of where he stands on another political figure, if not on what constitutes libel…

Originally Posted by Lord Kitchener

To take the Labour government to court for crimes against the British Endemic White race.

Could we as nationalists fund the costs incurred between us all and what would the likely outcome be.

I feel its time to take positive action before it is to late.



Eventually. But these are gutless mediocrities that in other life times would be actors and actresses. The harshest punishments should be reserved for those who pull their strings – but I’m sure God has already thought of that…

In Blair case, his strings are the cottaging with Mandy – tips of the iceberg stuff like the Dunblane massacres / paedophile links with the 100 year disclosure rule.

BLAIR IS NOTHING. When the time comes those who really rule will do what they want with him before all our voluntary hangmen come forward.

Blair has sold his soul to the Devil. His increasing uneasy appearance has the look of a man who knows Satan is on the starting blocks ready to collect on the Faustian contract he signed all those years ago. I condemn Blair not for destroying Britain, but for being a bull****ting mediocrity …

Cottaging with Mandy? Better not to ask I think…

So, does Simon have anything like a coherent view on the subject of race? Does this explain anything?

My opinion is based on the following reasoning:

Consider the three main races: Caucasians Negroes and Orientals.

I would say that as a race Negroes as a whole are more masculine, in the superficial sexual sense than Whites who are more superficially masculine than Orientals. This consideration applies to both men and women. On the rants forum I got one of the Blacks to admit Black women are more masculine than White women.

Rushton’s work on race illustrated that Negroes in their native environment evolved more so with an emphasis on male/male competition for females as opposed to the other races requirement to overcome ice age living conditions. That’s not to say White and other didn’t fight for females, because they obviously did – but this component (ie fighting other males) of evolution was less important for Whites than for Blacks (IMO).. So we get higher testosterone and crime with Blacks, thicker skulls to take all those blows fighting for females etc

For superficial White women, and lets remember, just because the average IQ for White’s is 100, that doesn’t stop there being thick Whites at 80 to 90, the primitive attraction towards Negroes for trashy White women is just that, primitive, something of a primordial echo that drowns out the increased ice age intellect “gains” (IMO a White who breeds with a Black is shovelling excrement on the graves of their ancestors)

In consideration of the “femininity ” scale, Oriental women, because of their smaller stature may be perceived by White men as being more feminine than White women. This is of course another superficial judgement.

I have heard that White female Black male breeding is far more common than White male Black female. We see it don’t we ? White male Oriental female is more common than the other way around.

For Whites to “mix” is unfair on their offspring. If a White woman gives birth to a Black’s kid and that individual is female then that female will be less feminine than her mother. I get the sense that the female semi-niglet can only ever “ape” her White mother’s feminity. On the other hand a White man who has a male offspring with an Oriental – that child will invariably be of smaller statue than if his mother had been White. I’m saying the White race is poised between the excessively masculine and excessive feminine. Lets keep it that way.

We as racially conscious Whites don’t mix not because we are so far above the animals that we couldn’t conceive of mixing. We don’t mix because we allow ourselves to be governed by our HEADS and not our HORMONES. Everyone on the forum is physiologically capable of "mixing" but we don’t because we share the dream of the destiny of the White Race.

One people, One destiny, To The Stars !

This last post presents a bit of a problem in terms of trying to put forward a coherent article about Simon’s views on life – which path do I take next? His views on women and gender, or do I follow the path of pseudoscience and his interest in matters conspiratorial.

On balance, I think gender first, we’ll leave the obvious wingnuttery to last…

I agree with the main thrust of the article…

We should EXPECT leaderships and courage from men. When it comes from women it is a bonus….

Men should bear the brunt of the criticism for an increasing effimacy that sees impressionable women take off with apes. Women are less rebellious than men and more willing to jump through the hoops..

Women leaders in the White Nationalist movement, because they are very rare are an inspiration to all and an example that males wishing to recover their "manhood" should follow….

But this is a fight where the frontline soldiers politically and otherwise, by nature’s necessity have to be men…

Most men and women are “followers” of prevailing religion and belief systems, the latter even more so….

So the whole of ‘white civilisation’ is facing collapse thanks to Graham Norton and Julian Clary – that’s it men, you’re just not butch to compete any more and the only answer is to legally recognise hitting women over the head with a club as constituting a marriage proposal – but only if you’re white…

But what kind of woman should you be looking for if you’re a self-respecting white supremacist dickhead? Fortunately Simon has the answer…

 Firstly to use the word "RACIST" – A loaded term is playing into enemy hands.

 There are two types of men. Those who will fight and those who won’t. Our cause depends on men primarily but not exclusively, in these "early" days, where the virtue of courage is necessary.

 With regard to women. There are three types:

 1) Those who won’t "fight"/support under any circumstances

 2) Those who will give genuine feminine and natural support to their Nationalist husband.

 3) Boadicea types who, with very few exceptions are better than many of the best men. These are women for whom the entire race is their child.

IMHO WN men make the mistake of looking for a Boadicea type, woman (3) when they should be looking for woman (2). Women generally have to be lead by a strong man (to be happy).

 You got that? Stay away from the butch ones… I say, stay away from the butch ones…

Men work Women weep. The good women WNs are better than the men, more guts etc etc this fight is predominately for the men – it has to be. The men have got to stop being cissies.

 Although there are some women that macho-man Simon does find a bit scary…

Always amazes me how you scum call the police then start threatening nationalists.. typically you put your women lesbian race mixer half breeds at the front at demos then let your freakish "men" at the back shouting "insults" etc..

better luck (not) this year at RWB you scum

And of course, Simon’s got a theory about all this to go with his advice…

The girls have outperformed the boys in school exams again. This has been attributed to the increasing amount of coursework in various subjects at the expense of “sudden death” exams. I believe the male/female division could be a useful lens through which to view Western society as a whole.

One of the original “Star Trek” episodes put forward an interesting notion: “Male and Female are universal constants”. The implication is that whilst men are “male” and women are “female”, it’s still possible to consider the qualities of “masculine” and “feminine” without necessarily attributing them specifically to “men” or “women”.

Masculine qualities might include bravery, honour, ”breaking the rules” etc

Feminine qualities might include compassion, empathy, ”keeping the rules” etc

Both men and women may possess “masculine” and “feminine” characteristics. The excessively masculine men might end up in prison, the excessively feminine women as cackling soap opera watchers. I suggest a balanced human being will have both masculine and feminine qualities – ideally the man will have the more masculine qualities and the woman the more feminine qualities.

I would suggest that girls “outperforming” boys stems from their “feminity” – this feminity includes “keeping to the rules, working hard etc”. A harder perspective might be that girls are more willing to “jump through the hoops” than their male counterparts. I’m thinking of that quote from George Bernard Shaw that says something like:

“The reasonable man changes himself to suit the world. The unreasonable man tries to change the world to suit himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man”

The implication is that we need “unreasonable men” in these current times and not “rule keepers” . (I’m not suggesting breaking the laws of the land)

I believe that a surge in “masculine” energy is required. The obvious implication is that men should start being “men”. Through out history there have been powerful women who have tapped into their masculine side for the good of their people, such as Boadicia, Joan of Arc, Elizabeth I – so this is not specific to “men”, but I believe the coming ethnic troubles will demand much more of men than the soft living life style we have become accustomed to within the last fifty years has conditioned us for.

Apart from exams and thinking about the world of work itself, the professions require submission to the political flavours of our current times (“Multiculturalism”, “Liberalism” etc). To not acknowledge and accept these flavours is career suicide. There is another aspect of submissiveness (femininity) that is to the detriment of working people and that is the propensity to accept unreasonable workloads for fear of angering those higher up in the organisation.

I would suggest that to the degree that women are in an organisation that organisation will abdicate its negotiating position and adopt a “beggar my neighbour” approach rather than a “collectivist” approach. A collectivist approach I suggest has a “masculine” component – Males more naturally act collectively e.g. : armies, trade unions, football hooligan gangs or political parties.

Civilization/stagnation demands submission/feminity of people but I believe we have to move the pendulum the other way towards Barbarism/creativity with more assertiveness/masculinity amongst our people, (men AND women) as a whole.

And no, finally, we get on to the general wingnuttery. You have caught flashes of this in several of Simon’s other posts, not just the usual references to the good old Jewish conspiracy thing but the odd comment that seems, well, rather more ‘spacey’ – like this one:

I believe in the coming "White Renaissance" – Space travel would be a part of that…

In case you’re wondering what this is all about, Simon seems to be rather of a fan of a particular crap Science Fiction novel which deal with White Nationalists decamping to a colony on another planet to avoid the growing tides of ‘blackness’ over whelming this planet – which as long as this is strictly one-way trip, is not so bad a concept after all.

Damn, I’m digressing again – back to Simon and three post for the price of one…

Hello Ward,

I haven’t got round to reading your book yet, but I feature it on my home page…..(creep creep )

I posted a UFO thread that has fallen off the bottom of the list.

Having looked into this subject, I really think we need to investigate the subject. I believe a White Nationalist movement might be looked back upon in the future as the battering ram of a larger "renaissance" movement incorporating non-mainstream topics such as this.

Sorry if I’m testing the patience of folks on this topic….

May I ask your opinion on this subject ?


The “Disclosure Project” which is based on the notion of a UFO cover-up has some interesting features that White Nationalists can appreciate.

In no particular order:

1/ The project director describes the difficulty in getting the message out. He describes CNN and the American media as being controlled by powerful interests.

2/ The project itself has had the biggest web cast of all time but is largely ignored.

3/ “IF” there is any truth in the extraterrestrial nature of UFOs then this is A BIG story. For “Holocaust Deniers” substitute “UFO Buffs” ? (perhaps ?)

4/ Steve Greer describes the biggest challenge as getting the “masses” involved. He says that the “goons” that have been responsible for terrorising certain whistle blowers aren’t so terrifying as the indifference of the masses. He makes the interesting comment that the government bases its cover-up on the notion that people do their day jobs and haven’t anything left in them to do anything else…

My own take on White Nationalism is that it forms one aspect of a forthcoming renaissance that will draw on revisionism, genetics, communication possibilities via the net and a general increased consciousness of race. “IF” there is anything in the UFO phenomena, the long term reputation of WN would be enhanced by association with this discipline. No doubt there is the problem of credibility with WN itself that may be further stretched by association with UFO studies.


Originally Posted by niveus

.. But given the age of the universe, the distance between stars and the time necessary to travel that distance then it impossible we could ever meet. …

(The site


Well, as I say, we don’t fully understand the laws of physics…

Most of what I’ve said, I’m sure of with regard to extraterrestrials.

Now, I’m going to speculate….When they have been seen,(discounting cranks, disinformation, one over the eight etc) they have been humanoid, (eg roswell in ’47) rather than say like fanciful creatures off Dr Who or fifties space horror films…

As it happens I believe ET is some distant relation – a bit like Negroes…but this is just speculation. To speculate further, the distances involved might therefore, be a lot less than you might otherwise imagine them to be based on this. There is much we don’t understand…

You’ve got to love that last post – As it happens I believe ET is some distant relation – a bit like Negroes – Oh, jeez, would that not turn out to be poetic justice. Off they go into the final frontier in the Starship Lebensraum only to find out that the aliens are black and have ray guns…

As yet more evidence of Simon’s casual acquaintance with reality, try this one…

Yes. If it wasn’t for the "earthly alien" invasion of Britain, I’d be a UFO activist.

(It’s all part of the same thing really All of the things deliberately hidden from public view are aimed at "keeping control" e.g. proper discussion of racial differences, 911, JFK assassination, "holocaust" exaggerations, murder of Dr Kelly etc etc etc etc )

The world is stranger than most people dare think or imagine.

And that, as they say is almost it… I think I’ve waded through enough shit to give a picture of the real Simon Smith – sadly, to date, there’s been no sign of his amazing dancing bear, but we live in hope – so I’ll leave you with two final comments; one from Simon’s new blog and the other showing Simon the philosopher at work…

I believe going into the 21st Century, the real struggle for humanity is one of Spirituality versus Materialism. I don’t profess that either the BNP or myself are always right. I’m sure there are good people in other smaller parties. I reserve the right to respect good people in those parties – what ever they might think of me is irrelevant. I hope that the British National Party becomes more than a party, more than even a cultural movement. I hope it is in the Vanguard of a New Renaissance that can destroy the wicked, some would say satanic, Globalist-Materialist world order that keeps many new discoveries, inventions and knowledge undercover, ON PURPOSE in order to maintain control – we might look back on these present times as the "New Dark Ages".


IMO the purist religion is equivalent to the highest philosophy. Different cultures have recognised the importance of seeing the creation as One and have articulated this in different ways: I haven’t studied Cosmotheism, other than listened to William Pierce’s Saturday broadcast which outlined his own position.

To the monotheistic religions it was the First Commandment “Thou shalt have no other God before me…”, to existentialists the importance of “the present moment” to the Hindus “the realisation of the Self”. A generic name for this might be the Law of Unity…

When the mind is clear one doesn’t need religion or rituals. The mystical “oneness” appreciation of reality isn’t so rare and is an appreciation everyone experiences every day – an example would be listening to a fine piece of music or immersed in a tightly reasoned SF post !

In order to appreciate unity or GET back to unity, due to our ignorance it might be that we need more than “The First Commandment”. Laws that multiply as a society becomes more corrupt and tries to get back to its higher state, are mirrored in the individual who must also take on more rules/regulations observances and rituals as his consciousness has also declined and seeks to return to his higher nature.

Rules and Rituals would imply organised religion. What are the elements of organized religion ? IMO and in no particular order:

1) Symbols that identify the adherents e.g. cross, star of David etc

2) “Holy” men – “druid” type characters or “Guardians” (I’m plugging Plato again here)

3) A moral code e.g. don’t steal, marry and have kids

4) A liturgy that is easily remembered and repeated every week at a gathering

Eg “I solemnly promise to uphold the principle of evolving consciousness. I acknowledge the evolutionary destiny of my race whilst not hating any other…etc etc” (don’t laugh) together with songs and poems – the retelling of Ancient Greek and Norse myths

5) Central martyr/hero figures that have served/died for the cause and have been seen as great teachers to the wise and “sons of God” to the masses.

6) A central book e.g. Bible, Koran

7) A self helping, supporting community

Just some of my thoughts…I don’t think a self-styled prophet would have much success with the above checklist if he tried to implement it. I mean, there are too may cranks, egotists and cultists out there already.

(Back to the everyday here…

Near where I live Muslims have been causing trouble. They can meet under the auspices of “Religion” and yet plot political actions. Believe it or not there is a self styled “Muslim Parliament” of Britain.

It would be BRILLIANT if the world wide White Nationalist community could move towards some consensus on a Religion that packs the same political punch as Judaism or Islam.)

Having written the above Balder, I believe I haven’t answered your question but I’ve tried to. Perhaps the rituals just have to evolve…

One last thing, I REALLY like the idea of Valhalla

So there you have it – Simon Smith, holocaust denier, racist, misogynist, BNP councillor for Great Bridge and all-round wingnut. Need I say more…

23 thoughts on “The Name’s Freedom – Steve Freedom.

  1. You waded through the forums to find that much junk? And didn’t feel the need to gouge your eyes out?

    I don’t know whether to be impressed or scared. I’ll just throw up a link instead. Knuckledraggers indeed.

  2. I very much suggest sending some of this to his local paper, if you haven’t already. It’s the kind of the thing that they’ll lap up. The lie that the BNP is now a party that deserves more respect when so many of their candidates turn out to be knuckle-dragging holocaust denying jewish conspiracy believing idiots needs to be exposed.

  3. Doubt he taught English. His punctuation is total crap. Mind you, that’s par for the course among teachers these days. Grammar, too. (and I know: I have copy-edited their books.) No wonder people grow up unable to punctuate or put together a bit of half-decent syntax.

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  7. I’ve just helped uncover another BNP member posting comments (some racist) on Stormfront.

    The BNP member’s name is Roy James. He lives in Sheffield. Roy has been posting on Stormfront under the name “Heidrich41”. Heidrich is a famous Nazi who was directly involved in the mass murder of millions of people. Roy also uses a picture of Heidrich for his avatar and Roy uses a quote from Hitler in his signature.

    There are pages of evidence backing up this allegation, including IP addresses.

    Please email me if you’d like to know more.

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  10. I do not live in an ivory tower. I see ordinary working new couples refused council houses because house prices have rocketted against supply and demand. While those we owe nothing to, (ex cons, asylum seekers etc.) Get them and fully furnished! Who are the real racists then?

    Reading and looking at trends formed by our “new society” and projecting them to the future: Oh God help us!

    So what about parping on about jews. Don’t you know we get it in our face every day while the jewish led Bolshevic revolution took 20+ millions to their death, nothing is to be said. Quislings like you are to be abhorred more than any “pseudo nazi”.

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  13. I’m frightened of being called a “Fascist”, so I’m hoping for some guidance so as to avoid any “malthink”; so that I can be a free-thinker like you.

    Question: Are all BNP-members; voters; sympathisers; non-repudiators, “Fascists”?

    Question: What do YOU think a Fascist is?

    Question: Is it possible to disagree with you on issues such as immigration without being (called) a Fascist?

    Question: Do you believe that being a “Daily Mail reader” is equatable to being a “Fascist”?

    Question: Do you associate being a “Holocaust denier” with being resistant to “Multiculturalism”?

    Question: Do you have a specific vision for a resolution of this digladiation with what you call “Facists”?

    Question: Can you actually provide precise links to the quotes you present – after all, they are not in any human handwritten form.

    Question: Do you believe that “diversity is unity”?

    Question: Do you believe it is important for every citizen to take part in a daily two-minute hate against the BNP?

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