You’re not failure, you’re just deferred…

“Deferred success” should replace the idea of failure for low-achieving pupils, a teachers’ organisation will hear at its annual conference.

Now I know that a few bloggers have reacted scornfully to this suggestion but just think about for a minute, it actually has it’s merits.

Failure is such a traumatic thing that its only right we find some way of cushioning the blow and making it a bit easier to take, like the retired teacher who’s put this idea up says, we don’t want to put people off.

Just think how much easier other situations would be if we use this idea of deferred success in other areas of life.

Imagine how this would work in the office, for example – ‘It’s alright, you’re not being fired we’ve just decide to defer your employment’.

How about down at the fertility clinic – ‘Look, it’s ok. It’s not as though your infertile you just have a bit of a deferred pregnancy’.

And let’s not forget how useful it would be when the grim reaper comes-a-callin’ – ‘Oh no, your mother isn’t dead, it’s what we professional call deferred breathing’.

See, isn’t that so much nicer.

4 thoughts on “You’re not failure, you’re just deferred…

  1. I think Stu has already had him employment deferred.
    So for once SCVO are at the forfront of moden thinking.

  2. Could make competiive sport interesting. Next season the baggies wont be relegated but be deferred premiership champions. And in the interestsof fairness etc.. the Wolves (sod the fairness).

    P.S. Nice to see you in print Bob.

  3. In an unconnected comment – you made the point on the 10/7 suggesting that the terrorists might care to take in the sights of Hereford. I suspect that some of Hereford’s finest exports may have visited them first this morning.

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