Faith, hope and clarity

It’s been a struggle trying to hold out for an incipient signs of common sense on the part of the British public in recent weeks, but just when it seems all hope is fading, up they pop and announce that two-thirds of them oppose the state funding of […]

Piss-artists and planning policies

Neil at the Brighton Regency Labour Party blog makes some interesting points on the subject of the relaxation of licencing laws and the ‘curse’ of ‘binge drinking’, questioning the current received wisdom that longer opening hours will inevitably lead to more problems. While he makes some good points […]

Well that turned out to be a waste of time

The Independent Police Complaints Commission will complete its report on the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes by Christmas, an inquest has heard. But the report will not be published until all legal and disciplinary proceedings in the case are complete. In other words, we’ve more chance of […]