Why do men have nipples?

I wonder can anyone who supports the supposed theory of intelligent design please explain to me that if there is some sort of intelligence shaping the development of the universe then why do men have nipples?

I mean it’s not as is the serve any particular purpose, is it?

They’re not functional and I can really say that they’re particularly decorative either.

In fact, speaking as a man, they don’t do anything and I can’t say as it would make much a difference to my life if they weren’t there.

They are, to all intents and purpose, an entirely redundant feature which need not have been included in the ‘design’ in the first place and could easily be taken out of the design without anyone every missing them.

So surely if you supposed intelligent designer really were that intelligent then he/she/it wouldn’t have put them there in the first place.

Anyway, I’m off on holiday for a week, so I’ll pick up any replies when I get back.

See ya soon.

2 thoughts on “Why do men have nipples?

  1. It’s obvious. Men have intelligently designed nipples so that middle aged men with mid-life crises can contemplate whether to get them pierced.

    Aha, I think you’ll find that’s yet more conclusive proof of the existence of an IDer…

  2. And … why are coconuts so difficult to get into? Why are elderberries poisonous if you eat them raw but safe and tasty if you eat them cooked in a pie – why not design them to be safe to eat all the time? Why do bees die if they sting you? Why does the retina of your eye have a blank spot where the optic nerve starts when photosensitive cells designed by humans don’t? Why do we have toes? And so on.

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