Getting nasty

After all the talk of Cameron, Osbourne and their [alledged] mate Charlie, now it looks as though Fox is on the receiving end of a major smear.

Apparently, in an interview with the London Evening Standard, Fox was questioned about his sexuality – questions to which he didn’t give a direct answer.

Now, as happened with Cameron where his failure to issue a clear denial that he’d taken drugs in the past was taken as a tacit admission that he had, so Fox in failing to deny having a homosexual past finds his lack of comment has been interpreted as yet another tacit admission of guilt – one that could prove particularly damaging as he’s set himself up through the contest as the right-wing pro-family candidate.

I must say this is all getting particularly compelling – nothing more fun to watch than a bunch of Tories scratching each other’s eyes out.

The one point of interest here is that having seen Cameron and now Fox getting smeared, a few months back there were also unspecified rumours [which came to nothing at the time] of a major skelly in Basher Davis’s closet as well.

It’s also interesting to note that of the three remaining candidates, only Cameron has not done a stint as Whip and would not have had access to the Tories ‘little back book of dirty secrets’.

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