First there was Shot by Both Sides and now it looks as though Coppersblog has bitten the dust in its present form, and all thanks to the Mail on Sunday.

Regular readers of Tim Worstall’s Britblog Roundup will know that only last Sunday, Tim was congratulating the author of Coppersblog for breaking into the mainstream media – a double page spread, no less.

Now it transpires that not only did some lazy-arsed journo at the Mail lift the entire spread wholesale without asking [and also without payment] but that, on seeing the article, those on high within the Police have seen fit to have an attack of the vapours and [reading between the lines of the statement at Coppersblog] issue some sort of edict against blogging – to me, at least, that’s what this statement implies:

I always thought I’d be able to type in my own brand of nonsense and nobody would take the slightest bit of notice, like what happens at work. Anyway, to my surprise, this hasn’t happened and I’m faced with a few choices I never thought would come my way: despite it all, I actually like being a policeman.

Unless, of course, there’s some sort of standing edict to this effect.

While by no means a regular visitor there, I popped in from time to time to sample the dry humour and good-natured wit of the place – if anyone from the senior ranks of the Police visits here [doubtful, but you never know] I’d like to point out that blogs like Coppersblog provide you guys will far better and more effective PR than any number of corporate media hacks you could possibly employ, simply by putting a human face on the uniform and showing the world that police officers are real people too and not just faceless stormtroopers for the State.

As for the Mail on Sunday – what a bunch of fucking parasites, so far beneath contempt as to make the effort required for a good rant too much to expend on them.

One thought on “Bastards

  1. You’re a pal of this Coppersblog? “Human face of policing”?Like when my best pal had his hands cuffed behind him,hit so hard in the right eye he was partially blinded and then told that Sussex filth were going to “stick it to him”. When injustice becomes law rsistance becomes duty.

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