Well done, Gentlemen, Well Done.

“The duty not to countenance the use of torture by admission of evidence in judicial proceedings must be regarded as paramount and to allow its admission would shock the conscience, abuse or degrade the proceedings and involve the state in moral defilement.”
Lord Carswell

And so, the Law Lords rule unanimously and unequivocally that evidence that may have been obtained by use of torture is inadmissible in UK courts.

Today has been a good day for British justice.

Perhaps ‘Justice in Mercy’ does still mean something after all.

2 thoughts on “Well done, Gentlemen, Well Done.

  1. When you see something so firm and clear-sighted as that you wonder how you could ever have doubted them in the first place.

    How strange that we elect the morally deficient and appoint the righteous. Shouldn’t it be different somehow ?

  2. I remain absolutely astounded that such an issue should ever have had to be debated in the Lords. The use of torture by anyone anywhere is abhorant to everything this country allegedly stands for. What weight could ever be placed on information obtained by torture? It would only lead to more and more abuses.

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