How remiss of me

One of the things I’m terrible at is maintaining my blogroll at anything near the number of excellent blogs I now track by RSS (150+ and rising all the time) – which is why I’ve set myself the task of trying to bring things more up to date and make a real effort to correct my own sins of ommission.

So, to the blogroll – use the links there, BTW – I’ve added.

The excellent Tim Worstall, chief smiter of economic illiteracy in the media, editor of THE BOOK (go buy it) and originator of that essential piece of Sunday reading, the Britblog review.

A veritable cornucopia (by my standards) of professional blogs that I really can’t recommend highly enough. From the NHS we have Random Acts of Reality, the blogging EMT who’s out there ‘trying to kill as few people as possible’ and the marvellous Dr Crippen, while our proud upholders of law and order are represented by PC Coppperfield and the World Weary Detective. I really can’t recommend any of these blogs highly enough for their ‘from the coalface’ view of life in the public services.

Nor, indeed, can I omit Tony Hatfield and his retired ramblings from the list, even if, as an ex-solicitor he rarely rambles and is sharp as they come on all things legal.

If political correctness is your thing you might want to take in the group blog Pickled Politics (because they’re young, asian and progressive) or Philobiblion for a feminist slant on the issues of the day – me, I just visit because they’re just two of the sharpest and best written blogs around.

Last three for now – Stumbling and Mumbling (can’t think why I’ve not added Chris before), Devil’s Kitchen (another that I should have added long ago) and Rachel from North London, a survivor of the July bombings whose courage and humanity shine through in her writing and rarely fails to draw well-deserved admiration from the rest of us scuzzy bloggerati.

Remember, links in the blogroll, go visit and enjoy.

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