Frontier Justice

This is one of those classic stories that just make you go WTF?

David Letterman, he of the TV show, is presently fighting a restraining order taken out against him by a woman in Sante Fe who claims that he has been sending her ‘code words’ by television.

Seriously here, this is not a pisstake and its not April 1st.

Apparently a woman called Collen Nestler filed and received a restraining order against Letterman which bans him from going within three yards of her person after claiming that after she’d started sending ‘thoughts of love’ to him in 1993 (they’ve never actually met) Lettermen responded with coded gestures and words in his TV which conveyed his desire for her in addition to inviting her out east to become his co-host.

This, she claims, caused her mental cruelty and sleep deprivation for 11 years and resulted in her going bankrupt.

More bizarre still – and presumably because of some legal quirk – Letterman has filed suit to quash the restraining order on the grounds that Santa Fe district court has no jurisidiction over his actions in New York, Nestler’s failure to serve him with papers and other procedural issues. The fact that Nestor is in obvious need of psychiatric assistance and a total froot-loop seems to be neither here nor there.

About the only this not clear here is whether, due to the restraining order, Nestor has to sit more than three yards from her TV set when watching the Letterman show.

A bit of digging in the US press (the Free New Mexican) shows this to be a temporary restraining order for 10 days until a full hearing can be convened in which Nestler asks not only that Letterman stay more than three yards away from her at all times but also that he be ‘forbidden from thinking about her’.

The District Judge, Daniel Sanchez, who signed the order has apparently responded that:

[H]e doesn’t sign every temporary restraining order he is presented with, but if an applicant makes a “proper allegation

One thought on “Frontier Justice

  1. Certainly the woman is crazy, but is there any truth to her claim?

    What the general public does not realize, is that all broadcast stations and many specific television shows are playing the Mooks and shearing the Sheeple.

    Every broadcast network tries to collect as much information as possible from the public, about its programs. There are many ways that this is done. Numerous television shows will also separately collect, analyze and use feedback from the public. Every word of every letter or email sent to a television station or program is scrutinized. Details as to likes and dislikes are gleaned, and the information is used to provide direction, as well as develop new material. Personal anecdotes from the viewers are captured and the core messages of these mini stories are likely to be incorporated into the show.

    This is referred to as reflecting. Reflecting back to the fans, that which they divulge in their communiqu

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